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Does anyone know af a way you can list a "digital item" as eBay calls them, using Auctiva's Listing Service.

Here's the problem. EBay changed the "rules of the game"...No Surprise There! They NOW require you to to click on a special link for PayPal, that states your listing is a "digital item", (this is when you are using their listing service), that brings up a window or box to fill in, that you HAVE TO put in what type of item it is, (ie: ebook, software, etc.), and HOW it will be delivered..via instant download or emailed, etc. Has to be by their rules "fixed price" also. When someone then purchases your item, (hopfully), they are then directed to a special PayPal page that tells them how to obtain it, as above.

Problem is Auctiva, nor any other service I have contacted has that "digital item" check box. They have the "Fixed Price" of course, but that isn't what you use, has to say "digital item" you click on or check, to bring up that window to fill in the details...again as above.

So, as I asked above, (sorry for the repeat), does anyone know of a way to still use Auctiva and post the listing, when selling a "Digital Item"? Or has eBay "corned the market" on them, by making it impossible to use any other outside service?

Thanks in advance for any advice, or answers or solutions.
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No. Dvd's are "tangible" products that you ship. So they don't qualify as "digital items" under eBay guidlines. I was talking more specifically about "ebooks" and "software" a purchaser either downloads from a link on a page that is set up with eBay and PayPal or that you state on that Page they see after a purchase that the item will be emailed to them.

That may work for say a "small" ebook or small in size (kilobytes) piece of software. I guess it could also be "picture", but I wouldn't know who would buy a picture of something to least a legal one anyway. But hey, if you can sell a "grilled cheese sandwhich" that someone states has the picture of th Virgin Mary burnt into it for $20,000...maybe you can take a picture of a "UFO" or an "Alien" or "Big Foot", (gee you got me thinking here), or something and sell it...who knows Big Grin
finally this is what ive been waiting for.. this is the feature that will allow me to list it as a digital product then sends out an after auction email containing the download link..WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! i hope this comes soon..cause i will be listing hundreds of items i think auctiva is gonna have bulk basicly it is doing the same thing as turbo lister..wich i cant get to work..

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