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Can someone please tell me how and where I can place my 'Policy'? Something that will always show on EVERY listing... Not in 'Item Detail' either because that will change per listing. Not in 'Return' and not in 'Checkout' because my policy is way more than 500 characters.

Anyone...if you know, please help. I'd like to get into listing more but will not list any more if there is not a better way to do this.

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hey there rOb,

you need to create your SELLER DETAILS under the PROFILES tab....

profiles.....seller details....then type away all your "policy" stuff...(payment info, shipping, terms of sale, about us, etc)...this will be the background info of your listings....

just make sure when you are creating your listings to select the "profile" do this when you select your "template"...there will be a drop-down menu once you select a template (this section is right below the pricing section of your listing) will be a bright blue box that says SELECT TEMPLATE....once you select a template, the drop-down menus will become active and you can choose your seller details (policies) from there....

hope that didn't confuse you.....

kathleen Cool
Hi Kathleen,
I am aware of the 'Profiles' tab and the 'Seller's Detail' I did not know that 'Policy', 'Shipping', 'Payment', etc. can be placed here. Is it best to place all information here? For instance like the my policy infor, payment info, and return info can all go here? Or is it better to place them in it's own section of the listing....?

Actually, what would be better for me is if I could attach a word document and have it display at the bottom of the Auctiva Template to explain my policy and such....I'm fairly new in listing on eBay and to Auctiva that I don't know if this is even possible or not.

Thanks for your help!
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Hello rOb,

...just go to the PROFILES tab, scroll down the page to the bottom/right box, you'll see SELLER DETAILS and MANAGE SELLER SELLER will be brought to a page that allows you to enter your "policy" information for each category (payments, shipping, terms of sale "returns", about us, etc)

you can use the "text mode" or html editor, or the standard mode that gives you the bold, underline, colors, etc options if you don't the the html for it... fill out each section, hit "next" which brings you to the next policy section...when you're done, you name your policies....for instance...if you have different "terms" or policies for different items, you can create several seller details to accommodate your product when you are in the listing template, after choosing your TEMPLATE, you use the drop-down window to select which "seller details" or policies match the item your selecting.

just do a dummy listing after you've created your seller details and hit'll see the seller details section show up with all your pre-typed terms in it.

hope that made sense...good luck! Big Grin

to address your other question....

yes, it is best to place all your information in the seller details section. if you have an extra long DESCRIPTION section, you'll find that most, if any, people don't even read it.

ebayers are a finicky group.....try to keep your listings short, sweet and to the point...with only the 'pertinent' information about the item. i've found that creating long-winded paragraphs about the items is a complete waste of reads them either. so if you put your policy info in the description section, 9/10 will probably NOT read them....they scim the listing, look at the photo's and move on!

check out one of my'll notice that my listings are quite long (scrolling down the page that is) after i've added all my details. now mind you, i KNOW that 95% of ebayers don't even read the details (policies/terms) that i've put in there, or they wouldn't ask the same dumb questions about issues i've already CLEARLY (to me at least) covered in my policies section. i basically have all that "fluff" in there to cover my own arse if you will. so when someone complains or has an issue with something (payment type, return policy) i will simply refer them back to the auction!

click here to look at one of my listings!

hope that made again for more questions.

kathleen Big Grin

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