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Having trouble even getting auctiva home page to load, getting server error, had to go to my email and hit url from activa mail just to get here. Also when I revised a scheduled listing, it took out the catagory and then when hitting window for catagory only would display main catagory and no sub catagorys... Now when I went to sell a similar item from my saved listing page, nothing but server error page... This is not working right and I am spending hours on one listing.....
This stinks.........

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Ok, looks like 1 server is getting restarted. Spoke too soon about everything looking okay. Most people should be fine right now, and the one down server will be back up in minutes.

While this server is down for a sec, we're going to also be reloading eBay categories as well, as we see there are some recent changes on eBay's end that we have not updated for.


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