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I am brand new here, just having signed up a few hours ago.

The question I have concerns using a template with a listing I create for eBay.

Do I have to follow the process of selecting the template html and pasting it on eBay each time I create a new listing? Or will eBay save it on their site so I can use it again for subsequent listings that I create with Auctiva?

Thank you
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Unless I misunderstand your question, you shouldn't ever have to copy or paste anything from Auctiva to eBay. You select and save a template to your Create Item page as you fill it out. Once completed, you can preview the listing, post it, schedule it, whatever you want to do with it. If you make a new listing for a different item, you can just copy the old listing and fine tune it, maybe change the template if you want. Or you can use profiles to set up pre-formatted almost-complete listings, if you have varying inventory that doesn't like the "one size fits all" approach. Basically, everything you do for listing takes place on Auctiva. I have't listed something directly on ebay for over 10 years.
When you create a listing in Auctiva, whatever content it has upon completion is submitted with that listing. It is not a global thing. Auctiva is really an ebay offline proxy. You set everything up, get to check it out as it would appear on ebay, and then fire away by scheduling or posting. There is almost no need to go on to ebay for any part of the listing process.

If the next listing you would create in Auctiva would look better with a different template (background), you change it if you want to. If the new item requires different shipping terms, you change that. If the blah, blah, blah section needs to be altered, you do that. Most things are better in profiles, so you don't have to keep bouncing back and forth. Little components that you create, and make a larger picture with them. Like I sell mostly books, so I have many profile parts that pertain to books, some created years ago. But then I might sell a hard drive, so I have stuff that supports an electronics listing that I can use instead. It all depends on what you sell, and how detailed you want to get with the information you present. And the folder section of your Saved Listings is very important to keeping organized. So my listings regarding electronics might be in their own folder, or just one called Generic. There's a lot of moving parts, but once you see how they interact, it starts to make more sense. You can check out how my listings appear here:

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