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Hello Community,

Many users have requested that we provide a Turbolister import facility to allow listings created in Turbolister to be imported into Auctiva. Our engineers have been working on this project, and we will shortly be ready for initial beta testing...most likely the first week in September.

What this new feature will do is allow you to take listings that you have saved from Turbolister into a CSV (comma separated value) file, and upload them into Auctiva, where they will be stored as 'Saved' listings.

When they are saved, they will be stored in a separate folder so they will not become mixed in with your other listings.

Currently we are looking for sellers who are interested in being part of a first wave beta of this feature. Initially, we hope to choose a small number of people--probably less than 10 chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis-- then test for a week or so. Assuming the results of the first round of testing look good, we will invite more people to participate in second wave of beta testing.

You will need a copy of Turbolister installed on the computer you will be using to participate in the testing.

If you are interested in participating, please send your Auctiva user account-id and email address to:

One of our Beta team members will email you back acknowledging that we received you request. For those who are selected for the first round test, we will advise of that and provide you with instructions as to when and how to access the Turbolister uploader page on

Thanks in advance.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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When I tried to export my turbolister files via its existing version (albeit about a year and a half ago) it's exporter function would not spit out a valid csv file if I had more than 255 characters in a field. As you know any description with html that looks good is going to have more than that.

I am sorry to say that I somehow deleted my data file from turbolister during all of that as I had over 1500 items that I really wanted to get out into a file for eventual upload into AucCom.

This may be part of the reason you aren't getting beta testers if none can get Turbolister to export their files correctly.

If someone does express interest and needs help I would be more than happy to try to assist them to get the data out.
Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your note. Auctiva Rebecca has Turbolister (she is by default our first beta tester on just about everything Wink ) and she mentioned that there is more than one way to save CSV files from TL. She is working with our developer to figure out which way is the best to export a CSV file from TL that can be uploaded. I'm expecting to have that information to provide those that sign up for beta testing.
Hi Michelle,

I recently downloaded several test files from my personal TL account, and my listings did have the entire description, template, etc. included. When I click on the Description field for a listing, all the html is there, so when I want to upload to my Auctiva account, it'll all be included.

I know TL is a bit clunky to work with at times, but it can be done Wink
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