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just before i went on vacation I posted item and you guessed it - I had not put a delivery confirmation number (I dont know how I missed it;I always put it)- Any help? I just know that she got the $180 package and she is bluffing to paypal

- I know PP will find in her favor - but isnt there a way to file mail fraud? if you do know pl help thank you!
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Oh dear that is what I figured Frown
But I did see some place someone had written this creative email and sort of made it that the post office will hunt you down if you dont own up ( that was the gist of his very serious email - tho' he didnt say it that way) and the buyer misteriously found the package and took away the paypal complaint!
I wish I could remember where I read it
Sorry, if your buyer paid through Paypal, then without DC the buyer wins EVERY TIME. No exceptions. Always print labels thru PP, it's so easy and DC is free with Priority mail. 18c with First Class mail (pkgs 13 oz & under).

If the buyer files a dispute/claim PP will depend on that DC number. No DC? Refund for buyer. Unfortunately there are dishonest people out there who will file a claim to get their money back if they see no DC on their package.
That is an expensive lesson Eek I am dealing with a major problem right now with some jewelry I sold yesterday that the buyer was from Lithuania, the payment from Massapequa New York and the intended recipient in Latvia! Mad Called PayPal and was told I should keep the money and ship to New York and let them sort it out! I refunded the money. I have been on the boards at ASM all day with this one. Surprised you are not there 8880! It is a great community and really helpful.
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- I know PP will find in her favor - but isnt there a way to file mail fraud? if you do know pl help thank you!

It is not out of the realm of possibility that the buyer has not yet received the package. Just because they have contacted you regarding a lost package, that does not always mean that they are trying to scam you.

We've had many of the "lost package" emails from customers (from customers on Amazon, and eBay). All but one were found. The one that couldn't be found was deemed stolen, and I fortunately had insurance on that one. Sometimes it just takes a few calls to jar thing loose. Start by calling the buyer's Post Office.
hi there I posted the item on the 24 th of october - that is the only package the clerk had missed putting DC during the shipment - only noticed it when I got home - and the buyer has several negs stating she tried to bargain on shipping after item was shipped - that is why my gut is saying she got it and is a theif - ..oh well I have given up and hope to start selling after my month long vacation to sri lanka after six long years of saving Smile - I just cant believe that people can do a nasty thing like get a package and have it and file with paypal saying they didnt get it!

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