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I also agree that it would be nice if they could start their maintenance a little later. Some of us on the west coast like to list at night. That's when my kids are in bed and I can actually write a listing uninterrupted. I may not be feasible and it means someone at Auctiva would have to work way late, but I'm just wishing.....
Thanks for a great site anyway!
I don't see a reason why it can't start later, I mean Auctiva is on the west coast too. And I'm sure someone has access from their home if something goes wrong.

come on Auctiva, what do you say, can we start the maintance later? Isn't it set to do automatically? so setting it to go at like 1am or something shouldn't be that big of deal should it? Big Grin
Okay, I can understand that. But it says that it will start at 11pm, yet tonight it started at 10 after 10.

Someone in another thread mentioned a count down timer, can't we get something like that. Maybe a pop-up that will say maintaince will start in 15 mintues so we know to hurry and get done. Would be real great, since apartently the 11 start time varies by almost a hour sometimes.
I too was working on listing when maintenance started unexpectedly. I was a little disappointed that it began early without warning, but life goes on and I don't get upset too's just not worth getting worked up over things we cannot control.

Mjjohn said it wiped out 2 hours of his life...Do you really spend 2 hours on a single listing?? I can't imagine spending that much time to list one item...I wouldn't be listing on eBay if it took that long!

Anyway, there are always going to be disappointments in life, but to stress or get upset about things that we can't control doesn't do any good. I move on to things I have some control over and don't worry about the rest. There are pros and cons to everything in this life, as nothing in this life is perfect. It is a decision for everyone to make in every situation as to whether the pros outweigh the cons or not.

Thanks Auctiva for doing a great job! The pros outweigh the cons, or we wouldn't be here! Smile
Thanks for all of the hard work and improvements you have been doing!
no, nightowls, I don't have a life......LOL and Yes I do spend an hour+ on some of my listings, especially when I have a large lot and none of the items are the same. Photo set up, photo editing, research, writing listing, all takes time. I'm just doing my "yard sale" online this winter while I wait for our house to sell....waiting....waiting....

It would sure be easier and faster if one is listing a lot of items that are the same. I am still learning how to use the profiles, etc. Can't seem to make things run smooth yet...but it is a LOT better than turbo lister !


"if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all......"

I understand...I wasn't talking about the prep work involved (taking photos, research, etc) in the listing time as this wouldn't be lost when Auctiva loses your listing. I haven't messed with the profiles yet either. I just use the "create similar" function and make the necessary changes. Much faster for me. I haven't used turbo lister before, so I can't compare to that. Also, if I am working on a new listing that is pretty involved, I try to work on it in a word processor, etc. and then cut & paste when I'm ready to do the listing. This way your work is still there if something happens. For minor changes to a similar item, I work directly on Auctiva, because if something happens, like it did the other night, then not much is lost and it isn't a big deal.

Hope some of this helps, and good luck with selling your house. Smile was not my intentions at all to refer that you didn't have a life. We all have a life! Cool...and I was just saying that I wouldn't want to spend mine two hours at a time on a listing. Unfortunately, some listings do take longer than others, but if most of my listings were taking that long I would have gave up long ago. Yes, it also takes longer when you are just getting started and figuring things out, and I also took that into consideration when I first started. But if you can work on your longer listings outside of Auctiva until you have it ready to list, you will find that you won't be quite so unhappy with Auctiva when something happens to one of your listings. Wink

Have a great weekend! Cool

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