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This bank: First Bank & Trust, Brookings, SD., is offering $25 in new accounts opened before May 15. Its called Revolution Money! This is just like paypal did, to get started in the business. This is hot. Sign up now. Maybe finally an alternative to paypal. At least you will get the $25 for looking into it. I did. Email me at:

I tried to paste their picture link here, but all it did was show all the html. Could not get it to work.
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I'm amazed. As of today, 27 folks have looked at this offer. None have taken me up on it. In 1999 I signed up with a new company that would transfer money for me on ebay. They were the Great Western Bank in Colorado. They had a different name than Paypal. They offered $10 to sign up. Eventually they dropped it down to $5.00. They did offer $5 for getting others to sign up. You still see and auction every now and then with the $5 offer still there. The Great Western Bank sold out to Paypal and eventually Paypal owners sold out to Ebay. So now here is deal to sign up and get $25 cash. Thats 25-99 cent auctions for Suzy Q. But she must think there is a catch. Ebay is the catch, they are taking your cash. This site does not require your bank account to get the $25. The offer is over May 15.
Likely the skepticism for another payment type system being made available. Amazing all the people on all the blogs screaming how they hate paypal and ebay, but when it come time for them to do something about it for real, they are full of skepticism.

Theres a big difference between this bank and paypal, that used to be a real bank. Banks are under federal regulation and they would have to send you the $25. As far as the $10, did you actually get anyone to sign up? I didn't get one to do it and I have been selling on the internet since 1998. I make a living at it and paid off my house, cars and all debts. My family lives on our small business cash flow. I'll take a free $25 any day. So goes the offer, since it is over tomorrow. Thanks for the input.
Revolution Money is partially owned by Revolution, LLC, an investment firm and holding company owned by AOL Steve Case.

I have an account, haven't used it and have had it for over three months. I hear the site is real popular with Yahoo Groups.

Talk on the internet is....a good majority of persons don't wanna sign up with any service that's remotely connected to AOL, the founder of AOL (Steve Case is in the drivers seat of Revolutio Money) or has or had any connection whatsoever to AOL in the past, the present or the future.

And this is another factor that's turned some soon to be members off: Why does Revolution Money need my social security number?
I signed on with RME when it first came available - got $25 and had 4 more people sign up and got $10 for each of them. They have to use the same email address that you turned into money exchange for you to have gotten the $10. Have had several people on ebay pay me that way. I have a link button to join on my auctions at

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