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I'm sure many of you saw reports today that state that Meg is leaving eBay after 10 long and brutal years (for sellers) at the helm.

Well, I say good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out as you drag your $1.3 billion golden parachute with you.

Maybe the next chief will have some better ideas. Maybe lower the fees, listen to sellers, buyers, and get the fraud issue under control. Maybe stop acting like a Gestapo organization. But, I doubt it. The successor is probably a hand groomed clone.

One can only hope it isn't so.
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I expect some news on fee changes at next weeks power seller summit in Washington D.C.

I think they're waiting to break the news there. I'll be there but the word will probably be out before I get a chance to get on the message boards. I think it's Monday and Tuesday the 28th and 29th.

I've heard of one change they'll be making, not fees related, that should make sellers happy. I'm assuming they're waiting for then to let that one out too.
As I said, a hand picked clone:

John Donahoe, current President of eBay Marketplaces, is set to replace Whitman as President and CEO. Donahoe is behind some of the changes abhorred by sellers that were implemented in the past 18 months, though he has a low profile among users compared to other executives. And more changes are on the way, Donahoe told analysts during a conference call. "Watch for us to make some exciting announcements about feedback, new user protection programs, customer support and pricing over the next week."

Here's the link to the entire article. To be fair, it has both bad and good news:
Believe it or not, I've read dome further articles that suggest price CUTS are going to be announced next week. In fact, a number of changes are to be announced. We shall see.

P.S. I don't consider free inclusion of a Gallery image to be a "price cut" since I never used the feature anyway. I want to see PRICE CUTS in base listing fees. Like back to 25 cents for items under $10, etc.

Like I said, we'll see.

As for Meg. Good riddance.
On the news that Meg was leaving, stock went up a small bump. But on its heals, was that they did not quite make what was projected for this year and they themselves are projecting a lower gross for 2008. Their stock took a definite bump down on that news. This is likely why the price changes and any other changes taking place.

Still Ebay tries to do things to make the money. They will always do this and require us to foot the bill. They have a business plan that works for them.

I have noticed a steady trend in the venue I sell in. There is a decrease in the number of auction listings and I noticed a slight increase in seller prices amongst the longer term sellers. They know they cannot keep giving away product at cheap prices and money to Ebay. But Ebay will still keep selling the idea that every buyer is a potential seller and all the Suzy Q's and Billy Bobs show up selling everything they bought on a charge card for .99 or very little in the way of real money.

Your Ebay business plan has to always be flexible to sell very much on Ebay anymore.
well this may be a good thing for ebay....but you can't count your crops till they grow....Ebay has been slowly draining the common person that is trying to make a buck in our nation here. maybe now things will change, what about the pusle page...that is every ones dreams to hit the pulse once in a while, it's great for your auction. I bet if you go look at it now and then in 3 day the same jerks are still on the front page...isn't there suppose to be 10 slots there...why is there only 3? and why does the same 3 people get on while everyone else suffers, maybe now we can all get there and get to run with the big dogs. Any Ideas on how to get them off so we can have a chance??

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