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My pictures aren’t showing up in my eBay listings, only the gallery pic. This is costing me sales and I have been trying to contact auctiva’s support team using chrome, Mozilla and safari. The support link doesn’t work and comes back with an unknown error on each browser

I took over 200 images and uploaded all to auctiva. I tried to go directly on eBay and add the missing images to each listing and that didn’t work either. eBay message says “A mixture of self hosted and eps pictures are not allowed.”

What can I do to fix this? I have an auction ending today and no one is bidding because only the gallery shot is there. One bidder .99 I had no idea my pics were missing for 7 days.

Someone, please send this to support for me, if you can get through to support. I think it may have been a bad decision to return to auctiva after 5 years of selling directly on eBay. 


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Hello Tonya Rains - 

It sounds like you may not have adjusted the templates on your listing to accommodate the number of images you have selected or perhaps have not checked the box to include the optional eBay gallery images in your listings.  We would need to have a look at some of the specific listings where you have run into trouble to be sure.

As for the issue with the message regarding EPS, we are aware of this situation and are seeking a solution.  In the meantime, when this occurs, please see:  this article  for a way to work around the difficulty.

As for the issue with the Unknown Form error when attempting to file a support case, please note that reports indicate that this occurs most frequently with the Safari browser, however other browsers are also affected at times.  If you have already tried clearing the cache of your typical browser and still run into this issue, please try using another browser when filing a support case and you should be able to do so.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

 - Craig

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