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I put up an auction for 7 pm, supposedly good time to start/end I was told. Anyways, about an hour into it, I realized that I listed as individual and not as lot. Couldn't revise-------eBay rep said to end early since it had no bids and re-list. I selected to re-list and then go to edit listing and it still does not allow you to make that change. Should I do this through Auctiva? I wanted my auction to run from Sunday to Sunday and now it's after 9 pm.

6/4 - additional info -

Wow, I can't get through on eBay live to talk to a rep.......keep getting message...connection to server lost. No-one's responded yet here........I'm thinking that I should just make correction in my saved listing and post/schedule as new listing. I really wanted this to list last night, but not sure if it will even go out tonight. The rep said to contact billing to see if I could get a credit for the listing fee, but I do not see where I should go on eBay's site to contact billing. I hope someone responds soon........

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Thanks for replying.........I've edited my saved listing in Auctiva and will be relisting it, but of course I have to pay the fees again. That stinks. Anyways, the section where you select individual or lot, once listed is grayed out and that cannot be changed. So be careful!! I know there are some things you can change, but some you cannot. I've learned the hard way. I really wasn't sure after I ended it, what the correct way was to take care of getting it back up. I was afraid to make the correction in Auctiva, relist it and find out that was wrong and have another mess. I posted here on 6/3 and no one responded till today..........and sent a message to eBay support and still have not heard anything back. They are really slow! Actually I randomly picked someone from the testimonial section from Auctiva and asked them if they could help me and they responded back right away with an answer. Generally, I have gotten back responses right away here, but don't know what happened with this one. I was stressing pretty bad. Anyways, I will be relisting and hope all goes well. Thanks.

Addition to post.........
Can anyone tell me though really what difference it would have made if I left it as an individual listing? I'm seeing other listings for lots of clothing that are listed as individual. What problems could come from if I were to have left it alone? Thanks.
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