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Hell, someone tried to steal my account yesterday. Fortunately eBay blocked the third party access, but had all my listings canceled and refunded. Was real scary... ...

I'm still wondering how that is possible when I use only FireFox, 2 virus checkers (The shield AntiVirus and Avast!) and Ad-Watch Plus.

The only thing is my eBay username and my email name is the same. This is for customers to recognise me.

Is it possible for someone who knows my eBay username and email address to hack-in? Even then, my password is composed of complicated alphanumerics...
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Some one attempted to do the exact same thing to me week before last. I got the "your ebay account has been suspended" thing, and as soon as I tried to click on the link - my Norton was telling me "don't do it" - so then I went to my ebay account and I had no notice in my message box from ebay. So I turned the email over to Norton, thinking that was the end of that - but NOOOOO!!!! I had them all last week and 4 on Saturday - Ultimately I changed my user name on here and ebay - hope all turns out well for you PS If you need the ray gun let me know - msalien1 - Dawn
Hackers send fake emails that look like eBays pages and ask questions. I haven't sold anything in a while and I still get those questions from hacker buyers. So it was probably that email that did it. The solution is to go to eBay to do anything and not click any email you get that says something about eBay.

Also make sure you use different passwords at each site you use. It's better to do that and write them down than it is to use the same one everywhere. People who write them down also tend to use longer and harder to guess passwords with numbers, punctuation, and upper and lower case vs. those that just use 1 password everywhere.

If you use the same password here or elsewhere you'll want to change them there too.
if you ever get any 'buyer ques.' emails, def. check your ebay 'my messages' right away... if it's not there, it's bogus. that seems to be a favorite trick.. that and telling you there's a 'dispute' involving you over something you've never heard of!

i seem to get stuck in a 'phishing phrenzy', lol.... lots of emails at sometimes and none other times. most are 'from' ebay, but this week i got 2 supposedly from paypal. luckily for me, they are ALWAYS in my junk folder in hotmail (maybe that helps? you could try their email program)... i forward them just like keaton said, and ebay is pretty quick about THAT (hey, they have to start somewhere! Wink ). you can also forward paypal phishing emails to

i too have the same ebay id name and email addy... but all my passwords are different, so def. try that too.

unfortunately, it seems like there's always someone who's bored and looking to screw with somebody.... just keep your eyes open and be careful... good luck! Smile
what i wonder is, does ebay try to FIND the creep who emailed you if you forward the mssg, or do they just let you know if it's from them? if someone was trying to impersonate my company via emails, you can damn well bet i'd be hunting them down! Wink Big Grin

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