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I located your store and see your problem. Hope you don't mind my posting link to an example:

Example of SG Problem

Having the Scrolling Gallery (SG) just after the Auctiva placed word Description isn't normal with the standard templates. Usually, you get it above the item Title as default with the standard template (and outside the background). See my Store and auctions for the default.

Did you create custom templates for the problem listings? Since I see your banner at top, that suggests that possibility.

Oh...and to fix the problem, use the ebay Revise listing. If you're good at cut-and-paste, you should be able to move the SG to a better position. The HTML Code for the SG has the tags <!--ASW--> at the beginning and end.

And, Make sure you use Preview on the revisions before you submit.

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Thank You for taking the time to answer.

When I go to revise through ebay, the scroller isn't there so I can not cut or past it.

I have no idea how to use html. So I guess I'm stuck with this?

1) I did not use custom templates, just the ones they offer.

2) Some of the ads don't seem to have this problem....I must have changed something between the early postings that I "Forest Gumped" my way through (they seem to be ok) and the later ones where I thought I got the hang of it! frustrating!

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