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I have decided to create my own template, as the Auctiva one's don't really do it for me. I also don't want to buy one. But I can't figure out how to make the thing from scratch. I think I need to start with a photo of some pattern that doesn't have too much info, and create a border with an empty area in the middle. I have Photoshop 7 and got the manual but need someone who has done it to give me some clear hints. Appreciate any help I can get here. Roll Eyes
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Thanks for the reply. I used Rob's help for quite a while, but it was so cumbersome and cluttered I had to quit. But I may take the suggestion if I can't do anything else. Yesterday I found a place to create a tiled border, but when I pasted it into Auctiva's "create new template" box, I got the response saying I cannot have more than one description tag. This has got me stumped.

You can use one of auctiva templates as a base line, and change the colors, text etc, add in some of the tags, [description] [store_front] etc and place them where you want them.

To do this go to the LISTING tab, click on the MANAGE link, then from there click on CREATE FROM EXISTING.

At the bottom of that page you can see all auctivas templates, click on any of them and it will load all the html coding into the text editor. Copy and paste that into

and play away !!!

The reason you are getting the error message "I cannot have more than one description tag " is because you don't have ANY description tags in the template. You need to have auctivas description tag in there, so that when you type up your description later it will know where to place the wording.

Place this in your template [DESCRIPTION] this is the descrip tag. You can also place the image tags in anywhere on the page. [IMAGE1]

BUT, if you place 2 images side by side they will be to large and make your template scroll out. Place them down the page.

good luck,

Carol Smile

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