Please someone help me. I am trying to create a listing where I am selling 2 of the same item, and I want them in inventory. Some times I sell only one and sometimes I sell two. The 'Kit' feature works great when I have 2 different items, but how do I have two of the same inventory items in one listing. Please don't tell me I have to inventory the exact same item twice under two different ids.
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Please help. Auctiva Staff Member??????????????Elite User???????????????? The only way I see is to split the inventory and then create the kit, but then I will just confuse myself
Hi kallisonmk,

Perhaps I am not understanding this scenario as you intended, but it does not sound like you would need to use the "kit" option in our Inventory system in order to do what you described here.

If you are posting several of the same product in the same listing and you want to use our Inventory system to keep track of the quantity you have left, you should just need to create one inventory item for the item and post the listing with the quantity that you would like to offer for sale.

When you post the item to eBay, the quantity left in inventory will be initially reduced by the number of the item available for purchase in the listing. Then, when the listing comes to a close, the quantity available in the inventory item will be replenished by the number that went unsold so it shouldn’t matter if some buyers purchased two of the items and other purchased one.

If you have any other questions about this, or anything else related to your account, I recommend contacting our customer support team using the form on the following page of our site:

When I went to change the quantity I was unable to unless I chose 'lots' instead of 'individual items'. However after changing it to lots it stated that 'lots' cannot be associated with inventory items.

I want to sell 2 of the same inventory item.

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