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I do a lot more programming, designing, managing and other related Auctiva development tasks than I actually spend time selling items. And while I feel being in the business for 6+ years now, I know a fair amount about selling items, I'm lost on what to do in this one scenario.

I ended up getting a complete xbox 360 package and decided to put it up on eBay, as items ending soon were selling non-stop for extreamly high prices.

So, yesterday at noon, I put up my item as a fixed price listing. Ever since then I've just been in a endless sea of xbox systems for sale and I don't think people are even viewing my listing. And what is driving me nuts is that people are bidding on and winning items that are ending for more money than the cost of my fixed price listing.

I've even lowered the price a few times, added the featured option... etc... etc. I think the problem is that people are just not seeing my listing because of the massive amount of items available. And since I had to do a 3 day fixed price listing, it won't be visiable again until Friday at noon.

Sooo... what do you suggest:
1. End the listing and start it over as a 99 cent auction. I've always liked doing this in the past, as it gets people bidding on and watching your item right away. These people tend to 'stay with' your item from start to finish, frequently bidding over and over again.

2. Break apart all the individual items available in the auction and either put them back up as fixed price items or do what I did with #1 and start them all at 99 cents. (There are games, extra controllers, memory, etc in the one auction right now).

3. Just be patient and wait for the item to run it's course. Hopefully xbox's will still remain sold out in stores and as it gets close to ending, it will be visiable in the search results.

In case you want to see the item:

Note: The auction counter has a really inflated count from people in the office constantly looking.

Thanks all,

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Change the note to read:
Included with the winning auction is the the gift receipt from Best Buy. I've doublechecked with Best Buy (and would advise you to do the same) and whomever the winning bidder is may exchange the games to suit their own taste.

I searched through completed as it's always where I get my best tips, starting prices, titling and more.

Note: Take the coma's out of your title...ALWAYS!(even though the one below has comma's, it sold for $1525.00)

When you use comma's in your takes the place of viable letters for longer descriptions.

Title below for a sold unit that went for 1525.00.

Microsoft Xbox 360 - Premium bundle + lots of extras!!
Xtra wireless controller, Kameo Game, rdy 2 ship w/rcpt

Completed auction:

My best!
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Any 360 user needs to read this

360 crashes

Seems what the key deal is the power supply
It needs air around it and pretty much is faulty and will be replaced, in time.

I saw some sellers putting lots of the xboxes for sale days before they were released
One guy had 100 or 200 'so he said' but since they had not shipped when he listed them he could not have any idea of what he would receive.

Lo, check this auction out.
I can safely assume that you're buying the million dollar one, right?

Just wanted to step aside for you. <wink>
I'll go for the cheaper priced 15,000.

My son and one of his played the new x-box all weekend. I had read about the booting and rebooting problem..but they didn't have any. Doesn't matter, I'm not spending that kind do-re-mi on it. <smile>

Have A Good One,
Did you get a caffiene buzz at least! LOL. I put three on one time slot and that was the one I had won. I think I might of gotten another one but you could only have 1 per household. Darn. Plus we got ours on the Saturday morning before they came out on Monday.<p> Whoo Hoo $1200 way to go! So glad you got that, but you did have so much extra. What a great sale! Congrats!
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