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I have been experiencing ongoing issues with the new Active Content compliant code that I received from my third-party template designer. The images do not display correctly, nor do the seller tabs (Payment - returns - shipping, etc) at the bottom of the page in Auctiva. I've hit a wall with technical support from both Auctiva and the template provider, as each recommends to contact the other. However, I thought the issue corrected itself on Friday, May 12 when some Auctiva listings that I created posted to eBay correctly while using the new code (Active content compliant). Yesterday (5/15/17), I had to repost some listings that eBay Buyers cancelled or didn't pay for, so I changed the template in Auctiva to the one I used Friday afternoon with the new code (Active content compliant). I did this in the morning, scheduled these to post to eBay in the afternoon, and each posted correctly as well.

But, then when I added new items (by clicking on create a similar listing button from a preexisting Auctiva listing) and added this Custom Template Monday afternoon, which I used Friday afternoon and Monday morning, the issue returned that the pictures and seller tabs are not posting correctly on eBay.

Has anyone had similar issues? Nothing changed in the Custom Template Code from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon, so why would the issue come back again? I can provide Live eBay item IDs if necessary. I've been going back-and-forth with technical support form both Auctiva and the template designer for about two weeks now, so I figured I would reach out to the community.

Any additional thoughts, suggestions, input would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
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I appreciate your response. Per your request, I provided two samples of three different live eBay Listings.

Live eBay Listing Using Old Code Template with Active Content:
232333142934 -

232331978984 -

Live eBay Listing New Code Active Content-free Template (posted Correctly Friday Afternoon and Monday morning):
332218301496 -

332222071692 -

Live eBay Listing New Code Active Content-free Template (posted incorrectly Monday Afternoon):
332222210219 -

232336851865 -

Please review and provide additional thoughts as well as what I can do to resolve this matter permanently.
I checked your both the good and incorrect listings. In this case your custom template is not being applied in the same manner by your template provider. In both cases the template code is not in your auctiva saved listing, meaning we did not post the template content to ebay, so your template provider is revising your item after its posted and not applying its template correctly.

For example, when your listing that displays correctly, your template provider creates thumbnails and applies CSS to shrink the thumbnail images (see where it shows the max-width, max-height on the right hand side on the image below):

however on the listings where it looks incorrect, your template provider is not applying that css:

My guess is the template provider is incorrectly the <label> tag for your thumbnail images inside the <li> tag on the bad listings, but you'll need to talk with them as the html they are applying to your listings is not stored in your auctiva account (meaning they are revising your listings after its posted). Hope that helps.
Thank you for this detailed breakdown of the two different listings.

I have the third-party Code pasted in an Auctiva Custom Template (named ACT_05012 Plain Text). So even though I am applying this template to each Auctiva listing that I create and subsequently schedule / post to eBay, Auctiva relies on the third-party code designer to transmit the code when it goes live to eBay.

Is there anything that I can do differently to prevent this from happening? Also, the preview feature is not functioning as expected (pictures too big or none at all). Is the Auctiva listing preview relying on the third-party designer to generate this preview as well?

Thanks for all of your assistance!

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