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Hi angelisa, I just sighned up with hibidder myself, I'm begining to think that we have to find alternat auction sites to ebay, they have gotten totally out of control. I reported a fraudulent user to them three days ago and they suspended me!! Now they won't respond to my enquieries, they don't seem to care about thier ligit customers at all while fruads run rampent
Hi BEDAZZLE....just signed up using your user link. This is REALLY a new experience for me, so I'll probably need help if there is anything technical about doing things.

My link is:

I have some questions about listing in more than one site, i.e. EBAY or HiBid. Say I am selling a pair of jeans, obviously I can't have them listed in both places at the same time, so how do YOU keep the auction items separate? Two sets of books? Or, if I have a store, but only have one of a kind items, (we sell clothes, train parts and whatever I can find that may sell) how does one handle those sales...especially if I have the store linked to both EBAY and HiBid?....if I sell it via the store, does it automatically disappear from the two auction sites?

I'm probably not explaining this correctly.
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Well I've been reading their boards alot and have posted alittle, but what I see it is full of nice and helpful people and just like here the adminstration is right there helping within mintues.

They have a couple contest that just started, they are paying cold hard CASH to the winners, go to the community and check out the first forum, new/current contest.

I haven't gotten anything listed there yet, but it don't look to hard.

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