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Hi Community,

Ebay has recently made some changed to the posting process used by 3rd party listing services, such as Auctiva, to make it easier for developers to comply with the European Union restrictions for business sellers. Additional information on this new policy can be found on the following page:

If your listings fail to post as a result of this error, the exact error message you will see next to your posting failure records on your Auctiva Events and Scheduled Listings pages is as follows: You are unable to list items, because you have not confirmed whether your account is for personal or business use. Go to My eBay -> Personal Information -> Account Type to confirm your account type now so that you can continue to sell

If your listings are failing to post as a result of this error, you just need to go into your eBay preferences and define whether your account is for "personal" or "business" use. Once this change has been made, you should be able to successfully post the listings that were previously rejected due to this error.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please contact our customer support department using the appropriate link on our help page:

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Hi Mike, just got clobbered by this tonight myself when only approx 1 in 5 listings actual went and this error came up.

Set the preference rescheduled and ok but mad, but not with Auctiva.

Greedbay does not give a d**n some notice would have been appreciated as when I joined them like many others there was not this distinction and so if you had not changed it you stayed 'undefined'.

Auctiva please give us an alternative, at this rate as soon as I can sell at a decent sell through rate in the UK I will say good riddance to greedbay. The only things I will miss is your toolset, I hope your plans to provide off greedbay sales is successful.
This is a worry. Does anybody know at which level you are considered to be a 'business' and must therefore change your eBay settings from 'private' to 'business'.
I have an eBay score of almost 700, so I suppose that I am a 'business' in the eyes of this stupid rule, even though *all* my listings are 'private' and nothing to do with any 'business'.
What can we do about this - stuff all I guess!
Damn legislators shoud try living in the real world for a while.
Hi the situation is messy, I am not an official of any kind in this but I see it as below and expect it varies from country to country or even state to state in the USA.

1) Does not matter what your profile number is or rate of selling is on eBay.

2) Need to consider whether your selling is considered to be selling your own items or buy to sell, this relates much to how long you have kept the items between buyng and selling them.

3) The income tax institution of your country will have rules relating on what the word 'trading' or 'business' means and when you should register as a business.

4) To me (2) & (3) above dictates whether I am a business or individual selling off their own items rather than eBay itself not eBay.

5) When your online selling is officially considered to be a business by the relevant government departments of your country then it will probably become a target for income tax deductions and selling taxes (e.g. VAT in the UK) when it reaches certain level.

So absolute eBay profile score is not the problem, you need 'only' to consider your ruling government's legislation.

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