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I am new to these forums so please be gentle if I make too many mistakes.

I am resident in the United Kingdom and find Auctiva an absolute godsend!

We have been informed by eBay that they will be making major changes to our listing formats and stores policy. See below:

We're making big changes on and, effective 24th September 2008, and they could affect the way you're currently trading on the site.

Please take note of the following changes:

Fee changes
We will be making changes to our overall fee structure, including Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees.

Changes to eBay Shops
Fees for eBay Shops will change, and we will also be introducing new criteria to sign up for a Shop, for example, including Detailed Seller Ratings requirements.


The eBay Team

One of the major changes for us is the increase in the FVF (Final Value Fees)charges and the abolition of SIF (Shop inventory Format)

One great change is that BIN listings will be visible in searches however eBay are introducing various weightings instead of ending times. ie, multiple item listings with plenty of sales will come up first in a search.

Will be updating the Auctiva listing format to take the UK listing changes into account?

(The placement of your listing in search results will be affected by your Detailed Seller Ratings score and the number of items you sell from a single Buy It Now listing.)


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I am not sure that Auctiva will need to change anything. The changes just mean shop listings will appear in best match search. I don't think there is any need to change the listings themselves. Please correct me if I am wrong.
I am hopeful this will be for the good as with the increased exposure hopefully sales from my shop will increase and more than pay for the increase shop listing fees.
We're getting much the same, in terms of eBay changes, here in the U.S. - effective September 16th.

Nothing changes, fee-wise, for Auction or Store Inventory formats. Fixed Price listings are going to a flat 35 cents Insertion Fee (15 cents for a few categories), regardless of value/quantity listed - coupled with a hike in the Final Value Fees (for most categories) - and new options for 30-day and Good Til Cancelled (renews every 30 days, like a Store listing) durations.

I expect that Auctiva will have to make a few minor adjustments - like the additional options for Duration on Fixed Price listings, for example. I keep looking for some word as to exactly WHEN that will become available to us, so I can be preparing some new listings in advance.

Once the 'new deal' takes effect, I plan on putting all of my listings into the active Fixed Price fray - keeping the eBay Store just for what it primarily serves as now: an organized way for shoppers to check out what all I've got available.

I am also working on tooling up my own Store site, through the ProStores division of eBay. There's just enough 'cross-pollination' between the two operations, to make it quite easy for an established eBay operator to set up shop there - and enough competition in the Webstore business that ProStores is in, I believe, to block eBay from doing anything radical with the rates there.

I plan on building the business on the ProStores site, at first, by guiding my eBay buyers to it, as a lower cost choice for their future purchases. By knocking off the difference in the Final Value Fees - 12% on average on the new eBay rate scale, vs. 1/2 % at ProStores - I can offer them a nice discount, while still pocketing the same net profits.

One interesting discovery I have made: If you first set up a listing on eBay (using Auctiva, of course), then use the option at ProStores to 'import' your eBay listings into your ProStores 'catalog' (the list from which you select what to show on your ProStores site) - AUCTIVA WILL WORK ON ProStores! That will save a BUNCH of work, by not having to do double setups for listings. You just import the eBay listings into your ProStores 'catalog' - scroll down the list to make the Price adjustments - then click the checkbox for each item you want to add to your ProStores site.

At the moment, I am working with a 20 item basic site at ProStores ( As soon as finances permit bringing my planned Fall lineup into the picture, I'll be upgrading to the next service tier, then greatly expanding the selection.

I still hope to accomplish that by the end of September, as originally planned - provided I can overcome a major 'monkey wrench' that got thrown in the works. The wife left me, several days ago - taking off with most of the household income, and leaving me with most of the bills. So, while I have a Plan, I've been forced into some major re-juggling of immediate financial priorities, with the outcome yet to be seen. Stay tuned!
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Very sorry to hear that Clemmie....if it's any consolation she shouldn't be able to share in any of your success that you KNOW you will obtain by your new ProStore, right ?!?!? I am seriously considering doing that too. Have been for some time. It takes all of my time just to manage my eBay store that I need to make some time to set up a ProStore. Hang in there...I am rooting for you Smile

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