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Hi Thomas, Your pictures are really big and take a long time to load. I noticed they measure 694 x 768 pixels. You might consider making them smaller. Maybe half the size. If your software has a Save as "Best for Web", that will make them smaller. Your eBay title has a word that people don't use when searching for items. The Bull sculpture listing should say Ceramic in the title. Right now, you'll only get bidders who are using the words "original" "art" "hand made" "Bull" or "Sculpture." If you include "Ceramic" you'll get more people since someone could be looking for a ceramic of a "bird" or a "ceramic dish." You can use the color "brown" and people looking for a brown item will have a chance to see your item. You just need need to use words that people would use to find stuff. No one searches for "beautiful" so that word doesn't help. For the Ibex listing, I would add the word "Horse" since many people won't be searching for an Ibex but there are lots of searches using Horse. Add the word Ceramic, too.
These are just my thoughts and I hope they might be useful to you.
Hi Thomas,
Well for a newbie your on the right track, well done for your first attempt.
I agree your pics of the bull are big, but the other piece of art was ok.
Try some of the Auction Templates to give it that professional finish.
But as we all have, you will learn as you go along.
Practice makes perfect.
Great job, stay posative, and ask questions, watch, listen and learn my father always told me LOL!
All the very best and happy sales.
There is no reason, in fact it is essential, that you write about your self and what you have done and do - sell your self.

There is no doubt that selling on Ebay has a lot to do about selling your self, making it the best possible experience for the shopper no matter what you are selling. Making the shopper happy with buying from you, trusting you, goes a long way to selling your goods and services.

I speak as a professional website designer. I too am very new to Activa and setting up shop, but having been around for a very long time and experiencing so much you tend to notice the out of kilter errors and omissions

Ilooked at the bull--I thought your pics were beautiful (I like them big) crystal clear, diferent angles etc. Your terms are firm but friendly (friendly goes a long way), and your description didn't seem to leave anything out. I think you will do really well! If I was in the market for something like this I would not hesitate to buy from you!
Best of luck!

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