Hi everyone.I am new to ebay and just signed up for the free trial here with Auctiva, I got to the point where I need to generate an eBay token.I signed on to the eBay site and get a message that I need to call eBay with a reference number. Is this normal procedure? what kind of questions do they ask? Like I said I am new to this and I am weary of giving out to much personal information

Any help would be greatly appreciated .Thank you so much
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Hi bucktownstrent,

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I am not entirely sure what eBay will require of you when you call them, but I have heard of them inserting an extra phone verification step into the token generation before, so I do not belive this is a cause for concern. I believe this additional step is more likely required for users who are new to eBay.

In any event, as long as you initiate the token generation process through your Auctiva account (as opposed to through a link in an email you received), you can rest assured that any information you provide during the process is being transmitted to eBay.

You can generate a token through your Auctiva account by mousing over the “My Account” tab, selecting the “eBay” option under “Acct Preferences”, clicking the “Learn More About Tokens” link, clicking the “Generate Token” button and then proceeding as directed.

I hope this helps ease your concerns. If you need any further assistance with your account, you are can also contact our Customer Support team directly at any time from under the “Help” tab on our site.


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