Good Job!
Very easy to navigate.
Clear and concise.
Pictures look good.

I clicked through the majority of links to make sure they worked.
I'm not sure if you know but some of the pages aren't up yet. The FAQ, Return Policy & Privacy Policy.

Really a fine job. I faux clicked to see what if the check out would work smooth for a newbie to buying on the internet and all worked well.

You should see my IP all over the site, testing out links. <smile>

Good Luck and Good Job!
Visually, I think my big recommendation would be to have a logo designed. Something that both matches the design/color scheme of the store and will theoretically work with any future redesign of the store.

It's not a huge deal, but a real logo (rather than plugged-in text) gives a more professional appearance.

Good luck with the new site!
Originally posted by MarieM:
I recently opened my very own website, and I'm looking for some feedback if all of you could please help me, I would be very greatfull, Thanks.
send me your feedback at

Again Thanks to All.

I didn't have time to look around much but took a look at your homepage. I really like the look of your homepage...great colors and design! Cool
BTW...I noticed you have a typo in the word collectibles.

Originally posted by magsfiles:
Would you guys mind checking out mine also. Ebay is killing me and I have to get away from it.
Mother Earths Jewels

I also checked out your homepage, but didn't have time to look around at the rest of the site. As a buyer I REALLY like having the categories listed on the left hand side as you have done. Cool I don't have a lot of time on the internet and when I am looking for something, I like to be able to go right to the things that I am interested in.
My one suggestion would be to work on your header a bit more. Your name needs to be larger, and the empty blank needs filled in.

Congrats to all who are taking the step to do their own website. I will probably venture to do the same eventually, but have to have the time first! With six kids to take care of, it may be a little while Big Grin, as it is difficult enough to find the time to stock my eBay store and make stuff to keep putting in our local gift consignment store!

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
BTW...I noticed you have a typo in the word collectibles.

Actually, the word can be spelled either with an "a" or an "i" (assuming that's what you're refering to). I don't know why, seems a bit silly. But that's English for you...

Yes, that is what I was referring to. I guess I haven't seen it spelled with an "a". However, they have it spelled with an "a" in their name, and then with an "i" further below. It would be best to be consistent with the spelling throughout. Smile

It would be best to be consistent with the spelling throughout.

Yeah, that's true.

As an aside, at one point I thought one of them was a noun ("collectible") and one was an adjective ("collectable") but I can't find anything to support that so I must've dreamed that one up myself. Stupid English...

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