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Hello All,
Now where might this "events area" be?? I have four listings not showing up. Two of them I have tried for about three days to post. I don't get an error message, well I did...It said I could not put 00.00 in the shipping area when I use flat rate shipping. But I tried again and then it went through..I thought. But they are not showing up except in my saved listing areas. Not even on my active listings are these four showing.
I just got back from Goodwill and have five things to list right away. Not sure what to do. I like to do the five day listings with a start on Tuesday.
Betty, if you are on Auctiva's main site - look for the white bar above your account link. It will have a link to your events and show 3 #'s in different colors next to it. Green is for listings that went through, yellow means it went through but there was a small error ( usually item specifics that you need to fix on ebay) or the red for listings that failed.

Or you can just go to your account link and go to the events page to see it all in full.
Now that is weird! The events page?? Some random numbers on the home page? I did finally find my errors in the scheduled listing area, and I thought THAT was weird. But anyway, I corrected the problems and relisted....I think.

How come there is like three or four copies of some of the listings? And if there is a character limitation why doesn't that just show up when you are writing the copy, you know where it just wont go any further?

Still the basic listing program is great, the showcase is spectacular, and the customer service can't be beat. Just these minor continuous ongoing listing problems.

And could someone please tell me where is the buttons for getting back to your discussions. I think there was a button one time that like you could click to watch certain conversation threads. It is gone, I can't find it. I want to get back and retry to put my store name on my showcase but can't find the thread.

I do sign up for the notification but I only got an email once, no every day like I signed up for. Maybe if I click immediatly...maybe that is the one that works?

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