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Hello, just opened a store and would like to have some visitors stop by and give me some input, hopefully the good kind. How do I become a powerseller? Confused If anyone can tell me how to get into or sell ebooks, I would like to communicate with you. Like maybe the nursing lady. Cool store and recipes for sale...

Visit me at:

Thanks...whew! It's late, gotta go.....
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By the way, why do you require PayPal for international buyers? For the most part, they'll have unconfirmed addresses which means PayPal doesn't protect you in any way. I think most people who require a particular payment method for int'l buyers choose international money orders.

Just curious. I myself gladly take PayPal from around the world and haven't had any big problems yet (although some of the larger transactions sometimes make me a sweat a little bit).

Also, I like your store layout. It's neat and uncluttered, plus your policies links are right there at the top where they're easy to see.
PayPal is easier. I'm going through a big to do right now because I accepted what I thought would be an international money order and it's not. My bank was clueless. So I'm sitting here with the shipment, waiting for the darn thing to clear--and really, I'll never know when it does. Lots of fraud going on with money orders as well. Lots of fakes out there.
actually a better link would be

that way you get a 75% referral credit on the FVF.

note: url for referral credit will vary depending on which part of store you send to. info on url for referral credit

general info on store referral credits
Good Day,

I have just a couple suggestions, and promise I'll be nice. Big Grin

This phrase here I'd take out
A fee of $2.50 for handling

Two reasons, For one I wouldn't buy anything cause I think thats a bit steep for a handling charge (but I'm a cheapskate, lol) It is a huge turn off to buyers to know you charge a handling fee let alone how much. I'm not saying don't charge it, cause I do. But rather say something like "I charge a small handling fee for etc etc." The buyer doesn't need to know how much you charge.

Next these sentence
Damage due to handling after the package has been shipped is out of my control and no refund is in order. Insurance claims are the responsibility of the buyer. I will provide copies of receipts for insurance claims.

Normally I wouldn't say anything about this, but there is a discussion going on at the ebay store board about this very thing. Technically, we (sellers) are completly responsible for the package until it reaches the customer. Any buyer can claim item damaged and get there money back from paypal, regardless of what we do or say, or how we packaged it, I know sucks but its the way it works.

Here is the link to the subject on the store board. Sellers & Shipping

Thats it, Your store looks great, and you have beautiful templates.
Hey folks! Thank you all for the great input and also for doing it in such a diplomatic way. I really appreciate your time and consideration. My listings ended today and overall I think everything went okay. Now here's another concern....Shipping. Even with the 2.50 handling, I inevitably shortchange myself....I have done this a couple of times. I have an analog postal scale that is not very can I get the shipping correct without having to burn gas (gasoline prices are rocketing) to run to the post office to have everything weighed. How do ya'll handle this. Also, on the next run of listing, I will be implementing some of the suggestions from ya'll. Thanks again.
i suggest a digital scale. There was one that radio shack had on clearance not too long ago (back in feb.) for something like $10. the only prob with it was that it has to be plugged into a computer to use it; it didnt have a display on it that told you the weight.

There's an ebay seller that many people I know have bought from - OldWillKnot. Has competitive prices. Tip: make sure the scale you get has an AC adapter and is in compliance with USPS specs. (needs to weigh in 0.1 ounce increments). I have an UltraShip scale that's been real good and those come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty for people in U.S., 30yr for international customers.

off ebay site:
ebay store:

BTW, if you're located in oklahoma might want to find a different seller. OldWillKnot is in Oklahoma and thus has to collect sales tax for buyers in Oklahoma.
Yes, you difently need a digital scale, you can find one on ebay for under 20 bucks, I think I paid 14 for mine and that was including shipping and mine is a 50 pound scale.

Then when you calculate your postage, make sure you choose a zip code that is the farthest from you. I'm in Oregon and use a Mississippi zip code to estimate all my shipping, that way I will never be under but can be over sometimes in which I just give the buyer a better deal on shipping when I invoice them.

Don't forget to weigh the item in whatever your going to ship it in and the materials. That's where I messed up when I started selling, always forgot to add extra for the box. Also, make Good use of Priority flat rate evenlopes and boxes. You can get those shipped to your door for free.

Ignore me if you already knew all this, lol.

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