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my question concerns getting started with Auctiva. Firstly, I have to do my listings over on Ebay first bc I don't see an option of list a digital download on Auctiva. Secondly, after I create my listings first on Ebay, how can I schedule everything on Auctiva instead of using Seller Manager Pro? And how do I add the Auctiva gallery to each one of those postings?

Remember, I have to keep it a digital download and that is why I have list on Ebay first. Thank you!
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Hello Sadie
Dont know if I can be much help as I am a newbie myself - but I can pass on some useful advice.

Assuming you have broadband(I DONT Frown ) I would suggest you run through the turorials on the help page- before you do anything else. Also keep visiting the Getting Started Forum.

I started - 1st by playing around with the scrolling gallery - which should automatically switch on when you join Auctiva.

I then went to LISTINGS (2nd tab menu option) and created a few Profiles- including the information that I use all the time -

These included payment preferences, returns policy. Shipping methods etc. Once I had created all the detail profiles - I created a Master Profile.

The following day I tried creating a listing using the easisest item I sell ( a single 45 record) Uploaded the images from my hard disk and chose a nice template (thats the fun bit Smile )

Then I hit the check for errors button at the bottom (this is a great feature in auctiva - I wish EBay would take note) once I got the green confirm message - I hit the post button - and prayed.

About an hour later I got an email from EBay confirming my listing.

I dont really understand why you need to prepare your listings on ebay. Auctiva will do the job so much better AND you dont have to pay for your Photos.

If I can help further - you can email me at

All the best Gill

Good tips Gill

1) I don't believe digital delivery is supported yet.
2) You can only use Auctiva to schedule listings created and saved on the Auctiva site.
3)The scrolling gallery is now added automatically when submitted from Auctiva, however it is possible to paste it into live listings via MyeBay -> revise item if you are happy to dabble with HTML.

I would recommend that you move the SG to the bottom of the listing as it defaults to the top, why distract buyers from the listing they are about to read.

Would appear that if all your listings are digital downloads creating on Auctiva could be a problem, however you can still benefit from free image hosting regardless.

I suggest you do a search of the faq's & forums especially 'Suggestions' to find out the present status of digital download suppoprt. If no joy file a support request for the latest info. Smile
Hi Snout - excuse me for answering your question to Choo. On eBay in the US, you can specify your listing as being for a 'Digital Download product', such as an e-Book, or a software application - anything the buyer can take delivery of electronically basically. I can't remember exactly how you set it up, but I think you then have the ability to attach the product to the Buyers payment confirmation - that is, they pay immediately, and then get the product, or at least a link to it, by return, all automatically. A great time saver for those selling this sort of product. Currently, we cannot use that on eBay in the UK, and also Auctiva does not yet have the function built into their listing service.

What you may be able to do, but I'm guessing here, is to list normally through Auctiva, and then go to eBay and revise your listing and specify it as a DD product - I don't know if that would be possible, someone else may come along and give more info later.

Regarding the SG - you can specify where it goes via your Store tab, up the top.
Thanks Pete and Hi Sadie

For the info. Could not understand what Sadie meant by digital download. I think we can do this in the UK too - so I see no reason why Sadie can't use Auctiva to prepare listings.

Pete many thanks for explaining how to move the SG - will do it now - before I delete all my profiles and start again. Had a real laugh when I checked them on EBay Smile
Why do I get offers like that, sorry Snout I can only help you with aspects of the free Auctiva site, Bud and Poster I have never used.

Oh well another promotion passes me by, but hang on you get a lot of flak and politics on a board, phew, that's a relief then. Wink

Seriously though I think you need to post this one on the Poster forum to talk to regulars there who have the necessary experience.
Hello everyone,

I'd like to chime in and say that "Digital Delivery" would be great for Auctiva. Frankly, I can't figure out why it hasn't been implemented yet since it has been available on eBay for quite a while.

However, even though you can't use it on eBay, I have a simple work around:

1. Create your listing template
2. Accept payments through PayPal only which you would have had to do with digital delivery anyway.
3. Set up an email filter with your email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird to search the body for your eBay listing title.
4. Set the filter to respond to those emails with a specific email draft which includes the url for the download.

It's pretty simple really and when someone makes a PayPal payment they will automatically receive an email from you.

All the best!

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