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Hey if you havent set up your MSlive site yet you might want to read this first. Here is a letter I sent to MSlive support:

Hello, I tried to view the community boards for an answer but I could not get it to load. Anyway, I want to know how I can set up my paypal shopping cart on my site?. I do not see an option to enter HTML and I need to enter it in order to use my paypal business account shopping cart. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards, William

Their Answer:

Hello William,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Office Live Support. My name is Charan and I will be happy to assist you.

I understand that you wish to add a PayPal button in order to set up Shopping Cart in your website. I certainly appreciate your efforts in writing to us.

William, Microsoft Office Live is in the beta phase. At Microsoft, a beta is an application or service that is being tested in real world environment by regular users. During the beta period integration of the e-Commerce and Shopping Cart is unavailable. Thus, you would be unable to add a PayPal button in your website using HTML codes.

However, Microsoft Online Services for Small Business can help you in setting up a Shopping Cart or E-commerce. Our tools can help you optimize your transactions and spawn future sales with marketing products or services. For more information, please visit the link mentioned below:

Some of our customers have also got back to us with the same feedback. Please forward your suggestions to our Microsoft Product Development Team. They will use your innovative ideas to incorporate them to change our services according to your requirements. Hence this feature would be incorporated in the near future. You can provide your feedback at:

I believe the above information would be helpful. If you have any further queries, please write back and we will be glad to assist you.

You are a valued customer and we look forward to providing you with consistent and effective service.

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Office Live Support. Have a great day!


Microsoft Office Live Support

So Im assuming that those of us with MSlive websites cannot integrate a shopping cart if we have to use html. Im really not keene on the idea of using any other checkout procedure other than paypals shopping cart.

Does anyone here know of any other shopping carts that don ot require HTML to implement that will also allow customers to pay to my paypal account address?
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Most of the business community outside ebay does not use paypal. I for one do not see it as a viable option to my customers. I have a real time shipping and shopping cart that take a credit card direct and then I process on my charge machine in my office. You can get a free charge machine and set up an account with North America Bancard on their website at with rates as low as 1.59%.

I would not and do not have ebay and its affiliates associated with anything I do outside ebay, quite frankly it is none of their business. My customers do not see this as a safety issue.

My sites:
and soon to add 7 more primary key word domains in the venue I use.
Thanks for the info Daddyo, I will look into that as well.
I just want to say for the record, that Paypal at present has over 72 million users. I know of no other payment venue that has this many members. Also it is a known statistical fact that many e-commerce shoppers outside of ebay will go out of their way to find sites that they can use their paypal account on. Most business's I have encountered usually offer paypal along with other payment options which is a good choice to have.

I myself am not a big time seller outside of ebay and dont really have any use for another payment option. A paypal "Business Account" will cover all the avenues of payment including direct credit card payment without even having a paypal account...I will grant the fact that paypal checkout is longer and can result in the loss of a sale because of it, but most paypal users are loyal to paypal and are willing to be redirected and then redirected back to your site.

I have never had a problem with paypal, and it's ease of use for me and the customer is what im looking Im not going to be doing any volume business on any of my sites. Plus most people know paypal, trust it, and feel secure in using it, myself included.

I saw one shopping cart that you can get that had payments to paypal as an option with it..but they want like 29 bucks a month. I was just hoping someone here knew of any others that were way cheaper or even free to use with them getting a small percentage of the sale..kinda like ebay does. I appreciate any and all input anyone has on this matter...Thanks, William Smile
Just depends on what you call success, and how you want to count the numbers 72mil or 6 bil. Ebay farms paypal for itself. Thats why there is the google thread in front of this one. Many people have paypal just because its just about required for ebay. I do not go to a gas station, regular store and anything else for that matter and expect to pay by paypal. I use a cash, check, chargecard. Paypal at 72mil is still way down the line in practical payments online or off. With some on the things happening, at ebay and paypal, I would not place that much confidence in their payment system. It amazes me that someone uses a charge card to fund their paypal account and then paypal charges a profit on the difference and hype it all as convenience. My charges on my office machine go into my account in 24hours or less and with paypal reach my bank in up to 5 days. Just a little slow in my book.

I only use paypal because I cannot in most cases pay by cash, check, or charge card on ebay. They set it up that way on purpose to take control of the cash flow through the auction purchases and call it safe trading. If you read the other thread, they have legally changed the wording away from safe trading, before google launches a law suit. Now it will likely read, just another method of making a payment and since we are ebay, we are limiting payment to primarily paypal.
I agree, It amazes me how many people do not know how to use a system to their advantage. Like funding your paypal with your credit card...thats insane. Almost everything I use and operate with doesnt cost me a dime...because the free things are out there and some of them are really good and just waiting for people to take advantage of..Like auctiva, I still cannot believe it is 100% free, it just blows my mind.

I love truely free stuff..lolol. And with this MSlive beta site..I am having trouble with implementing the shopping cart simply because at present you cant use HTML..but when it goes out of beta, it will still be free and you will be able to use HTML. So I may just have to hold off on getting it rolling.. no biggie..I do most of my selling on ebay anyway..and I only do it part time..but I love it. Anyway, If you do run across any shopping carts like I described please let me know ok? I wish you lots of sales and lots of mulah! William
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PayPal offers a virtual terminal as well. Website Payments Pro.

Complete Feature List – Website Payments Pro


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Direct Payment API
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PayPal Express Checkout
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Virtual Terminal Accept phone, fax, mail and in-person payments.

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Customer Checkout Experience

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PayPal ATM/Debit Card Withdraw cash from your PayPal account at ATMs, pay for purchases, and qualify to receive cashback.

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