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I'm at a stand still with adding any new listings. No matter what changes I make either with or without profiles I can not see a Pre-View Detail Info after selecting one of the New Templates. I have change to different New Templates, Changed Profiles, Manually entered no avail.

So frustrating, I just cancelled all my listing in Ebay 3 weeks ago and started changing each old listing to make sure they each sentence was no longer than 45 characters, so it was mobile friendly and changed the layout to vertical and left. I just put back up 127 listing and now this. So much wasted time and effort.

So is anyone else having this preview problem? Is this a temporary issue? When can I start listing again? I've been with Auctive almost 10 years and would hate to change now.
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Hello jacid2000 -

We are not aware of an issue that would prevent new listings using the new templates from being visible in preview entirely, so based on your description here, it is unclear what may be occurring for you.

There is an issue that we are looking into where the preview does not show your text or profile in preview unless you have already added an image to the listing as well. There is another intermittent issue where the preview only displays a portion of the template, but this typically resolves by closing preview and then launching it again.

Both of these issues are being looked into on our end and I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding either of these issues.

If the issue you are experiencing differs from either of these, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site that includes an example or two of where you've run into this, the exact steps you take that get you to that point as well as your browser and operating system information so we can investigate this further.

- Craig
Thank you for your quick response. I have opened a case waiting on response.

When I select preview. The window opens and I can see the Ebay picture, "Buy It Now" button etc. and shipping info.

Scroll down alittle and you can see Item Specifics, such as Brand, Size, Style etc. That all seems to be OK.


Detail item info .......There is nothing just an empty box. Below the empty box is "Close Preview" button.

Here is the URL when I click on preview:

Again, thank you for your consideration in this matter.
I am having the same problem. Description area does not show up on Preview. I went ahead and posted the listing anyway. The listing on ebay show the first 5 photos side by side - not in a row, then the Description, then the rest of the photos lined up side by side beneath the Description. Don't like layout like this. All photos should show together I think.
Hello All -

It sounds like you refer to a different issue than the ones I mentioned earlier and we are not familiar with such an issue where the description text is not showing up within a preview when there has been an image added to the listings prior to the preview. As such, I suggest that you file a support case with us from under the Help tab of the site that provides the steps you are taking up to the point where you encounter this issue, the title of any template or templates where you have run into it and your browser and operating system information so we can take a further look into this.

- Craig

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