Has anyone else had trouble uploading images? It just stops as it is uploading and then I have to start over. I have also gotten partial pictures with 1/2-3/4 of picture missing.
This new uploader slows you down enough and now this.
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I am using an older version of FireFox but have a similar issue. the work around I have found is to make sure all my pictures are 1600dpi or smaller on the largest dimension. if I try an upload and let Auctiva "adjust" the size it freezes as you and others have mentioned. I had chalked it up to my using an older browser but that was okay with me as I have no plans to update the browser at the moment. I also agree the the new uploader is a lot slower. while Java could be a pain at least when it worked it worked faster
Same problem with me. Cleared my cache but loading keeps freezing. Tried uploading just a few images at a time. that worked for a short period but now having trouble with just 12 images. Much prefer the old image uploader. Have just opened a support case with Auctiva.
Hello All,

I am not aware of any issues on our end that would cause the uploader to behave as described, so it is not clear what may have occurred for you. If you continue to encounter difficulty with the uploader, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site and let us know the details of what you experience. Please be sure to include your browser and operating system information as well as the full text of any error message you might have encountered and we will be happy to look into it further.

- Craig
in my case there is no error message it just "hangs" I refresh (press F5) and lower the DPI on my pictures and the upload goes fine albeit it a lot slower than the older version. it
recently even pictures that are 1600 on the largest dimension have a problem sometimes. it seem to be ones where the dimension are almost 1600 x 1600. is a shame Auctiva didn't keep the old version available for folks with older browsers. The removal because of Chrome seems short sighted.
Hello Ed,

I am sorry to hear that there is no corresponding message when this difficulty occurs for you - if you have filed a support case about this, I encourage you to continue working with our support team towards resolving it. Please also note that Java is considered a security risk in many situations and there were a number of other factors involved regarding the uploader.

- Craig
I've been having the same issues that everyone is complaining about. When trying to bring photos in to auctiva it sometimes work ok and most of the time it freezes allowing you to bring the photos in but not upload. You then have to cancel and re-do again and again and again. Sometimes it works ok and other times it does not. I don't understand why it will let you choose 13-14 photos and then it freezes and won't upload them. It takes so much time away from working. There is just too many steps to this new uploading system. Hope the Genius that thought of this one didn't get raise with it? I have notified auctiva and always tell me to clear my cookies and cache. Seems to be what they tell everyone. I do this all the time and still have problems! It's just so frustrating!
Hello Everyone,
I am wondering if any of you are still having the same uploading problems (freezing). Uploads so many then stops and doesn't let you load any of them. It works fine for hours and then all of a sudden it decides to stop working and I have to get out of it over and over again until finally it decides to work. Support Team keeps telling me it's my antivirus. They want me to not use NORTON as I'm sure many of you are. It makes no sense to me. If it was my virus-ware, it would happen all the time but it doesn't. I am so frustrated with Auctiva-there answer is always clear your cache! I don't know about anyone else but I certainly do this all the time!
Ok, I've vented enough for now just wondering if anyone else is having this problem too?
I am having still having this same issue. I takes FOREVER to load pictures anymore. I can't spend an 1/2 hour to load 50 pictures ( 1 or 2 at a time because it will freeze if I do more). Auctiva, you need to fix this or I am gone. I pay for this service for ease, but this is taking all the ease out of it! I don't have the time to spend talking to support or updating my browser every time you make changes.
Hi sarahrose -

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble with the uploader. We are not aware of any issues with it such as you have described. It sounds like there may be an issue with the connection between your ISP and ours or possibly another element on your system is interfering with the communication between our respective locations. If you have not already filed a support case regarding this, please do so from under the Help tab of the site and let us know your operating system and browser information as well as a description of the difficulty so we can look into it for you.

- Craig

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