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Hi - I have an auction that will include the option of taking a carrying case or not. The shipping will be drastically different depending on whether the winner wants it. I have not been able to find a way to handle shipping - it insists I put a flat rate or calculator in. Is there some way to do leave it open depending on whether my item ways 1 1/2 lbs or 3 lbs?
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Originally posted by MJ:
Hadn't thought about disabling the checkout, but if I do that it disables the automatic insurance as well, I think.

Yes it does, so whatever you decide you will be stuck with your descision if you use the checkout. IMO I would not offer a choice in the auction - I would put the carrying case in another listing and if they choose to get it then you can combine - but again you cannot do this with the Auctiva checkout.
Have you checked out the custom template thread MJ? Have you listed the auction yet? If not and you have disabled checkout, then you can do what I suggested above and mark other ( see auction description) . Then when you send the invoice thru ebay, you can adjust the total.

I have not tried this, but this would be the only thing I could suggest without listing directly from ebay.
Thanks guys. I can't seem to figure out how to make a custom template - I finally gave up. Wahm - I recently bought something that was posted through Auctiva and I thought it was no shipping because that was what it said on the listing and at the bottom. Turns out, he had shipping in the description (yes, guilty - the same thing I get mad at other people for), so it cost an additional $10.00. I'm kind of afraid to put 0.00 anywhere for fear I'll get a buyer p'd off. I just included the case with 2 shipping rates, then noted in the auction that I would mail without the case for a different rate. That's not a long term solution but at least I got it listed. Thanks for the input.
Yes I do not understand why this is SO difficult... Shipping choices. I offer free shipping on my used paperbacks, I mean I want to but I don't want to jump through hoops. I have read all the posts right back to 2002 and this seems to be an ongoing problem. Free shipping and combining shipping. You should be able to put in two different weights in your shipping choices with a title for each.

And for other types a button saying "Free shipping" with still the choices of insurance and notification costs to be borne by the buyer. Yes I know tracking is often free and notification is free for many but still you can charge to help offset your shipping costs. That is one of the perks of doing business. No lectures please.

Anyway I have these bags of books seperated sitting here and I have entered two to save with the shipping problem undecided. I get better and quicker BIN sales with the free shipping even with much higher prices. More bags out in the workshop...Maybe just list the used books back on Selling Assistant Pro, heck I don't know.

I do know that the showcase has dramatically increased my hits on my store, that I like!! Now I need to take advantage of it by getting my stuff listed instead of constantly trying to get around programming problems.

Do many of you use more than just one listing program? How do you get around getting sales info all in one place? Selling Manager in Ebay seems to be able to handle multiple listing options, perhaps that is why they offer it, cause so many of us use different programs for different type auctions?

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