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Well, I can't sign on to auctiva on IE...could only access the msg boards from the address I saved last time this happened...

Was able to get the sign-in page with FF but it's not moving past the sign-in page after I enter my username and password. I take it we have NEW ISSUES today?! *sniff, sniff*

Well...after some time, the FF finally logged on, but is moving at a slug's pace! I can't get any work done today.....arrrgggg.

I didn't see any "alert" messages what's up team auctiva? Servers still crapping out today? too many people online? update's please. Pages are taking FOREVER to load!! Frown

Kathleen Confused
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Jeff??? Mike??? ANYONE????? Confused

What's going on please???? FF is now saying "SERVER IS TOO BUSY". This is HORRIBLE if you haven't noticed.

We're all waiting to hear from you folks PLEASE!!!! Many of us are obviously waaaaay behind from yesterday's fiasco and "hoped" that today would be a new, *better* day....please tell us something, ANYTHING!!!

I'm starting to get VERY frustrated with the lack of communication. I can't even file a help ticket because the site times-out.


Looking forward to HEARING from you soon
(a preferably in an "answer" format and not just a vague 'red warning' prompt on the main page)

Kathleen Frown

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