I want to add images to my auction that is already posted so what is the procedure for doing to this since I used one of your templates

I want to add 2 more and change it from one on top to three and use the slide show feature

Thanks in advance for any assistance
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As long as it doesn't have bids yet, you can just make your changes to the listing on Auctiva, then once that is saved go to the Saved Listings page, select the listing and click the "Get HTML" button. Copy all the HTML in the window that pops up and go to eBay. Revise your listing and replace the entire description with the HTML you copied from Auctiva.

Hope that helps!
The problem is that I tend to delete all of my saved listings after a couple of weeks as I thought it helped made more room for your servers. Thus I don't have this auction in my saved listings folder.

I have it in my active folder but I don't know how to use the same procedure you suggested. Also is there any reason to save any listings in the active folder once it has been listed on ebay?
Oops, sorry, AL. I haven't actually tried that button before.

You could Create from Similar and then Get HTML but, of course, it would have to still be available in the dropdown on the listings page (and I assume it's not).

It sounds crazy, but can you move an active listing to the Imported folder (or any other) and then import it into the Saved folder?

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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