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Help!!!! My store traffic has plummeted in the last three days. Ive only gotten 1/5th of the traffic I normally get for 3 days straight now...I havent changed a thing and links are still active and havent dropped in popularity in MSN,Google, and all the rest. Im totally confused. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Please help!
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there's a theory floating around the ebay forums that if your items are included in express, it hurts your sales on the main ebay site.

many people have reported that their store sales have gone up after opting out of express. I know mine were flatlined, 3 days ago i opted back out, and today i sold something. might just be coincidence, dunno.

several threads about it on ebay stores forums
I was opted out BUT when I went to double check, I was mysteriously opted back in. So, I opted out again. I only have a few items in my store (less than 40). The last week or so, I've sold quite a few. I woke up to 2 dresses sold over night. Both with Best Offer on them but they paid full price. Cool! I've tried Best Offer over the last 7 to 10 days with good success. Of course, my items are listed at $24.95 and lower. It wouldn't be good for high end (expensive) merchandise with slim profit margins.

Opt out of eBay Express and report back.
I opted out, then opted in, opted out, then opted in again.

I sell a few items a day but after reading the boards (valuable info) I decided to opt out yet again. I sold a bit more yesterday..not tremendous. Time will tell, time will tell.

I hate this, just put us back to February when sales were going through the roof due to the search changes and leave us alone!

Summers are slow enough without "funking" with changes like this.

Take care, Donna

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