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I just listed an item around 4 PM EST and that is the ONLY image in my store window. All the other images from auctions already running say 'Loading Image". (I cleared cache, etc.)

Anybody else having this issue?

I suppose that it's related to the other problems that they're having (incl. the slowness). I figured it doesn't pay to file a ticket if it's sitewide.

As Always, THANK YOU in advance for all your hard work!

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I'm not in the habit of replying to myself although, I have to admit(with NO disrespect to anyone at AUCTIVA) that this site HAS definitely had me talking to myself from time to time;-).

After looking back on some other threads, in particular one that Auctiva Mike D. replied to, I'm now assuming that the store window issue is due to the data migration 'project'.

If so, I'll keep the hope that it goes smoothly for you guys! Jeff

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