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Not sure how many people would be interested in this, but would it be possible to provide an overwrite function for uploading pictures? This way if I need to change an image after the auction has been posted, I can upload it without needing to change the listing on eBay. Just a thought, nothing that is really a necessity. I was wanting to watermark some images that I had already listed and realized I had no good way to change them.
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Thats what happens when you have a new service trying to outdo all the big guys. We listen to you since you are the ones using this site Smile

I think overwriting would be pretty decent myself. Using numeric image names rather than the original name avoids problems of trying to upload images with the same name (such as when you take digital camera pictures, it will name them "IMG01", "IMG02" etc... each time you transfer them to your computer). So in that way I think the numbering system actually helps you all out. You would get lots of collisions otherwise.

However I see no reason why we can't let you specify that you are uploading with the intent to actually overwrite an existing image. I'll discuss this with David and the others tomorrow and see what kind of timeframe we can get to implement this. It will likely be a few weeks out as we have many projects going.
if Auctiva used the actual original file name of the image in its "storage system" rather than giving it some number, it would also be a lot easier for us to go in after the auction has closed (or after the item is otherwise sold or whatever) and delete the image from Auctiva's servers. I always try to delete images when I'm done with them in order to keep my usage of the server space as little as I can, but I just have the devil of a time finding them to do that in Auctiva since they're all converted into some weird number.
There is now a 'Replace' button on the Image Management page that allows you to upload an image to overwrite one of your existing ones!

Note: if you do not immediately see your changes, click off of the page and return to it, and do a hard-refresh (Control-F5 in IE) because sometimes browsers cache the images so it won't look any different.

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