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Hello to all Im new on this community site. I just need to let off steam! Had a fair few people going direct to paypal and saying item never arrived, and they get their money back! So now Im only sending via recorded delivery which has obviously upped by postage prices so less bidders, But if I do not use paypal Ill have even less bids. RAAAAAA Mad Is anyone else having this problem more often than normal? Seems to be a new trend or maybe Ive just been unlucky with the people that buy from me Confused
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Are you not responding to a paypal complaint? They give you 10 days to give them the delivery confirmation # to show item as delivered. Shipping through and paypal (and, etc) gives you a free DC# when printing labels through them. Are you not using delivery confirmation??? If you arent, you cant prove they got their item which is why they are getting their money back.
Yes I was responding but 1st class post cannot be tracked so I didnt have a leg to stand on which is why I now have to send via recorded which is more pricey. Stupid English posal service!

Thats not true, I add DC to all my first class packages and I send alot. Do you use paypal shipping? It's only 14 cents or something like that to add DC to your packages thru paypal.
Sorry then for my reply.. didnt know you werent in the US. Some buyers really can be theives, I learned the hard way before I really sold full time. If they dont see DC on a package, they know paypal will give them back their money. If shipping appears high, they add the cost to your starting price to cover you with some kind of proof of delivery. You have to or you will keep losing money. I buy my wall border from a company based in the UK and they never put any recorded delivery on it ever. I guess they are huge enough where one lost roll or a fake lost roll doesnt matter to them. Good luck, Steph

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