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I completed the survey once, total waste of time, I pay a monthly fee for using Auctiva, so I shouldn't have to put up with this nonsense.

If it went away for good after I completed it once, that would be OK if surveys aren't done too often.

HOWEVER THIS STUPID POP UP WILL NOT GO AWAY. It has caused IE 9 to crash & I lose what I'm trying to do.

Wonder if the survey will pop up again when I try to post this. If it does, then I'll probably get another IE9 error msg & crash again.
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Thanks member_8880 - I think I've been here since 2009.

I did file a support case & cause seems unknown. "I'm special" HA!

I think it is related to using IE 9 32 bit version short cut. Which isn't as safe as working in 62 bit.

(IE 10 wasn't working for uploading images for some reason I forget now.)

If you see this, just for laughs it started out as a "survey using Auctiva's name" then later that day it switched to a whole new browser opening a Car insurance add.

Now today while in 32 bit I get the fake Survey again.

No need to respond. I'm just venting & wanted to thank you for responding.

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