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There is some sort of HTML error here. I opened the HTML but do not have the time to work on it as I need to be be up early in the AM and am getting ready for bed now. Frown I am taking the liberty of posting the HTML with your item description here and hopefully someone looking can see the problem?
Good luck, Steve
<table border=0 cellpadding=8 align='center' width='95%' class='acttbl'><tr><td width='100%' class='acttbl'>
<font class="section" id="desc"><h2>Description</h2><h2><font face="Arial">This auction is for 2 Coach bags, and 1 Dooney & Bourke. The Measurements of the black & Tan Dooney satchel is approx. 11"across, 8"T, 6"wide. The adjustable shoulder strap has an approx. drop of 22" at it longest length. The tan color is actually darker than my picures are showing, it's more like a british tan I think. </font></h2><h2><font face="Arial">The Coach black sling bag measures approx. 9" across, 9 1/2" Tall. The adjustable strap has an approx drop of 26" at it longest length and can be worn cross body if desired.</font></h2><h2><font face="Arial" size="5">The coach flap bag is approx. 10" across, 9" T, 4" W with a strap drop of approx. 19" at it's longest length.</font></h2><h2><font face="Arial">  These bags are not new and have been used, therefore, they each have their own flaws.</font></h2><h2><font face="Arial">The D&B handles have darkened somewhat where it was gripped and the bag has normal wear. The D&B cloth tag is inside. Nice vintage bag.</font></h2><h2><font face="Arial"> The Coach sling has the inside pocket zipper pull replaced with a small keychain with a handbag is not a coach charm, but it is cute. Also, the lady that sold me this bag said that she spent $20.00 to have the  rounded corners repaired...I guess he done a great job because I don't notice anything wrong with them at all, but wanted to let you know. The leather looks great with nice even color (my pictures have some glare) and not much wear at all. very pretty bag.</font></h2><h2><font face="Arial">The Coach flap bag has some wear, and has a beautiful patina. It reminds of a saddle, I love it. There are a few light ink marks on the inside interior.</font></h2><h2><font face="Arial">There are no tears or rips on these bags, they are clean with no orders. T</font><font face="Arial">hey still look good and have a lot of life left in them.</font></h2><p><font face="Arial" size="5"></font></p><p><font face="Arial"><font size="5"><strong>All my items are sold as is. </strong>If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me before bidding or buying, as all sales are final, but I do guarantee that all these bag are authetic or your money back. Thanks for looking !</font></font></p><h1><font face="Arial" color="#006666" size="5"></font></h1><h1><br /><font face="Arial" size="5">Shipping quote is for the United States and includes delivery confirmation. No International bidders/shipping at this time.</font></h1><h1><font face="Arial" color="#006666" size="5"></font></h1><div><font color="#006666" size="5"></font></div><div></div><div><font color="#006666" size="5"></font></div></font><br>

Hmm, I took a couple of minutes to check this by going to a HTML practice site and dropping the HTML in and it works.
There is definitely a HTML problem somewhere and It is very weird that "Description" shows multiple times?
Is this a AUCTIVA template or one of your own? Did you do any HTML editing to it?
Usually use but they are down right now. I just entered the HTML here. Perhaps if you try breaking it down you will locate the problem.

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