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Hi Taz, close, I will give you 9/10 for most of the words, but your translation doesn't actually make sense in the context it was used in reply to the 'accusation' against Pete Wink

Sorry, no rhyming slang involved, more a mix of old London terms with a touch of industrial Midlands let's say abbreviation of words.

Now I have given a hint I'll let you all worry a bit longer, ain't I a good 'un ! Big Grin
Hi Shadeaux, here is the answer, posted here as well as on the epic thread page 96.

me word's were :-
"Be'er be t'onest truf or yor'l be up a'fore the beak in't morn"

Better but still poor English :-
"It had better be the honest truth or you will be up before the magistrate/judge in the morning"

This "honest truth " is a dire but common piece of wording.

So there you go Taz is the winner by a mile. Smile

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