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Dear viewers of the epic thread "Life, it's all a bunch of electrons" aka "Poll: the final step before Ninth reveals all".

One of our regulars has come out of the closet and admits to being a mutant Telly Tubby (please see his avatar).

Up to recently, his name kept secret (don't want to embaress you Pete) was a respected Giraffe specialist and purveyor of hairy hot cross buns.

This has caused some distress and consternation amongst other cast members so we would now like to find out what you, the viewers of 'the epic thread' think should be done about this dreadful situation.

If in doubt just refer to the last few pages of 'the epic thread' Smile
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Thank you Choo! No need to guess which one I voted for (same one you did)... he's gonna get us for that Eek

When I read this:

"This has caused some distress and consternation amongst other cast members etc."

At first I thought it said distress and constipation Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin which would have fit in just as nicely!

I hope this gets more votes than ninth_wave's poll did, do I see another epic thread starting???

We could start all kinds ofvoting...

Does Taz really wear fuzzy slippers to work?
Do I really do needlepoint? (uh, what's needlepoint??)
Why does Choo use the King's/Queen's English?

Please vote here!

Just having some funSmile
Hi Ms M, Us ? I thought you were the one who wanted it I was only doing a woman's bidding.

Only kidding Wink

Constipation, certainly not the verbal or prose variety, oh and regarding Taz it would be steel toe capped fuzzy slippers, remember pretzels get agressive when boxed in Eek

You're getting poll drunk, it's all this US election fever getting to you, still if they are anything like ours then this poll is far more accurate. Smile

edit - vote, well I did have to check it worked Big Grin
Sorry Pete but complete and TOTAL banishment is the only way to recover. But first you must admit" I am a giraffe, I a not a mutant telly tubby or an alien Jelly Belly jelly bean."
If these things are done you MAY be re-accepted into the fold of the Auctiva Asylum if not you are banished to the PLAYGROUND of FeeBay forever and a day or until some silly sap comes to save you!
AAARGH! Auctiva is trying to bury the Poll by Booklady! Just look at all the answers in Getting Started today posted by Auctiva Mike D.
4 posts in Getting started and nary a post anywhere else.
The answers given mirrored answers that were already posted! HMMM bumping posts to bury other posts? Shame on you Auctiva
We get a warning not to BUMP a post merely for the sake of bumping but they try their DAMNDEST to bury a post or delete it if it does not fit their mentality.
Mad Mad Mad Mad
You betcha I am hopping mad about this.

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