I have a prayer request for my Uncle (dad's brother) had a heart attack and a stroke. We don't have any details as of now. He lives in PA by himself.

His name is John and he is the younget of the children so this was totally unexpected. He is also my godfather.

Thank you,
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So sorry to hear about your uncle. Similar thing happened to mine, he was also the youngest.
I'm not much for prayer, but I'll be thinking of him and we wish him a speedy recovery.
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Hi D.... Frown

My prayers and healing thoughts are headed your uncle's way (and yours too)! Leo posted about this too, and there's lots of replies, prayers, and good thoughts going up for you and your uncle.

I have asked my family and friends to pray too. When we all got together for the 4th, we all prayed together for John.

Please email me when you get any news.

Hugs and Comfort to you, D.
Curious, the power of intercessary prayer! Purpose and favor! Caring hearts to take the time. God hears and answers prayer!
theres been research and studies on prayer and
there seems to be something in that .... that brings help.....first the getting drunk in love feelings in its self brings help of a boosted immune system and other healing tools we have inside of us waiting on us to give a type of signal like prayer seems to do...

but there have been studies done on groups of people praying for people they don't know and THESE people not knowing they are are prayed for and the results startled the researches .. does seem to help the person that has been prayed for...there seems to be a natural law that all humanity is connected like a giant human tree...... and we ALL are part of anyone that is having problems.. and the closer the dna match the stronger the connection....more and more with science and medical findings we are finding out how the system of life works.....and prayer individually really does help cause of a boosted immune system and it seems from the studies that prayer for OTHERS helps them even if they don't have prayerto get the immune system boost and help...
Wahm, I have your uncle John in my thoughts and I have said my piece to god about him and your family. Having faith is all you can do as matters such as these are out of our hands and beyond our comprehension. I wish you and your's all the best and I wish for your Godfather a speedy recovery and a sustained and fruitful life. God Bless
Quick update:

He is out of ICU and passed the swallow test!

Things are improving Smile

Thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers!

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