Printer is printing duplicate international labels..Why?

I use the auctiva service for my e-bay selling. However, when I ship international the label will print but stops just before the tear off line. I then have to press the front blue button on my Dymo 4XL thermal printer for it to come out the rest of the way to the tear line. Then before I'm ready to print another label, a second duplicate label comes out. This only happens on international shipping with custom forms. Can anyone tell me why and how to fix it?

Thanks, Brian
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Hello Brian,

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties with your printer. Unfortunately, for the specifics of your printer I am not able to provide troubleshooting directly. The ability for printing labels from your account is configured on our side so that they are printable from any standard printer and are not specifically set for any particular printer or especially for thermal printers. I can only suggest that you set the size for printing as the size you have chosen from our available options and consult the manual for the printer to see if there is an adjustment that can be made for it.

- Craig

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