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I created a template with part of Auctives template and then inserted my HTML listing. It looked great on Auctiva. However, when I uploaded it to Ebay, the Ebay header was wrong. You can view the listings under Kaydees1 on Ebay. All of the listings have the problem.
I contacted Auctiva through email support and was told the problem was upgraded to higher technicians. That was 3 weeks ago and I cannot get any replies to any of my questions now.
Can anyone help me solve this problem????
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Your source code for your photos is outside of the template. For the photos to show in the template the source code must be inside of the template. I would go back to MR Henegar who designed your template and ask him for his input as to why this is happening. It is a relatively easy fix with a html revision through ebay revise your item.But that is just a band-aid and not a fix. Frown
I misread your initial post. I thought you had someone create the template for you
created a template with part of Auctivas template and then inserted my HTML listing.
One other possibility is making your auction and direct inserting the pictures. Breaking the template down into HTML and then inserting the Auction HTML in where it needs to go. Anyone that does template work should be able to help you out with fixing it.
Sorry for my confusion.

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