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Does anyone know how to change the status of a payment? I received a payment by M.O. I marked the payment as received on ebay yesterday. I want to use Auctiva insurance, but I am unable to change the payment status. Whenever I try to change it to paid, I get an error message that says it is unable to do that because the previous status was not in transit. But I cannot find out how to change the status to in transit. Last time this happened, I had to use USPS insurance. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Melissa
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Hi Melissa,

It sounds like this buyer sent a check or money order without completing the checkout process. In this case, just go ahead and reply to the case with the item number for which you would like insurance and we will apply it from our end.

If the buyer had completed the Auctiva Checkout, the status should have been "Payment and Transit" which would allow you to mark it as "Paid" when you receive payment. Unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no way to mark items "Paid" when the buyer circumvents the checkout process.


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