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Can someone tell me what a header image is? I uploaded images to my item profile, and I have a choice for gallery image and header image. Also, does one have to pay to get a "sellathon" counter added to the listing? And if I forget something after I list an item, will I be able to fix it--or is it then too late?
From these questions, you can see I am new at this! Thank you!!
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The gallery image is what people see on ebay next to your title..
HEADER image is the pic they see when they click on your listing (you can use any one you want).

Sellathon has a free trial for 30 days, after that you have to pay for it. (Don't know how much, I don't use it)

If you forget something, you can always revise through Ebay as you would normally do as long as there are no bids and more than 12 hours remaining.

I think I got them all Smile
Hidden counters are useful if you do not want the competition or your potential customers to see how many hits your item is getting. I sold 1 item a few months back on a 7day listing and received over 5,000 hits! I had people emailing me just asking why so many people were looking at my auction and if I could tell them how to get more people to look at their auctions. I do use hiddens occasionally from eBay and then make my sellathon hidden also and cannot view it because I do not pay for the sellathon features.
Steve, thank you!! Wink

Somehow, now it works!! The Sellathon counter is enabled!! Wink

Would you have any advice on check-out methods? Before I put my very first eBay sales listing up, (yes my very first, I decided to use Auctiva because I had read so many great things about it on eBay, and I've been working on that listing for about 2 weeks!), don't I need to chose a check-out method? Do you advise Auctiva checkout, or should I just do eBay checkout? Then, once I decide, do I have to enable anything?
If I'm not mistaken, Auctiva checkout may automatically be enabled....I seem to remember having to DISable it when I first signed up because it didn't support combined shipping at that time. Since you're new, IMHO, I would disable it for the time being and just use Ebay checkout until you get the hang of how things work. There have been alot of threads lately about problems with Auctiva checkout, but since I've never used it I really can't comment...I've always had good luck with Ebay checkout, it's very easy. If you don't go into your Ebay preferences under selling, I think you will automatically have Auctiva..your call.
Like I said, just my 2 cents...Good luck Smile
Thank you! I've disabled Auctiva checkout, but can't seem to find the place on eBay to enter my preferences regarding checkout...there doesn't seem to be anything related to this in the regular eBay preferences.

Also, I've been trying to change one of my saved 'Seller Profiles.' I check the box next to the profile, click edit, make my changes, click save---but when I go back to look to see my changes---I see that they didn't 'take.' I'm clearly missing something....Any suggestions?

thank you!!! Wink
Hi palmtree - You can enable ebay checkout (on ebay)under Account Preferences>Selling Preferences>Payment from Buyers>Edit>Checkout Preference, then check the box next to "Use Checkout". If this box is checked and Auctiva checkout is disabled, then ebay checkout will be the only checkout the buyer will see.

Regarding your Seller Profiles, you seem to be doing all the right things. Just make sure you give Auctiva plenty of time to save. The site was really slow for me this afternoon and saving took forever sometimes.
Originally posted by palmtree:
This is weird, but under preferences, I was only able to find 'buying preferences,' not 'selling preferences!' Clearly I'm missing something!!

Something just occurred to me: If I haven't yet listed any items for sale, would 'selling preferences' still show up? Naturally I wanted to get my checkout method chosen before listing my first item, but is there a chance that might not be possible?
Maybe it's an ebay glitch, as I can't think of why you are not able to access seller prefs. They should show up as soon as you set up your seller's account. You might want to contact ebay through 'Live Help' for further assistance. There is a link at the top right corner of ebay's home page. Or maybe someone with more insight on this will come along.
this is what I see under 'Preferences'----if it's somewhere in here, please let me know!!!

Notification Preferences
Notification Delivery
Buying Notifications
Other Transactions and Notifications
Newsletters, Promotions & Event Notifications
Legal and Policy Notifications
Member-to-Member Communication Preferences
Skype Preferences
General Preferences
Searching and buying
My eBay
Reviews & Guides
Advertising Preferences
Third-Party Authorizations
Other general preferences

Thank you guys!!!!
Hi All!

I used eBay live help to solve the problem, and I thought I would post it here in case anyone else has a similar problem.

The reason 'Seller Preferences' was not showing up in my Preferences was because I did not put a credit card and bank account on eBay. I had already put it on PayPal in order to receive payments, and I thought that was enough, but when you are a seller, I learned, you need to have this info on eBay as well!

Once I did that, amazingly, Seller Preferences showed up!!!!!!!!

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