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I was just wondering about the concept of relisting an unsold auction. If you pay a lower fee thru Auctiva and an auction goes unsold, then by "relisting", does the second go around get the standard ebay listing fees, or would it be the same as the previous Auctiva fees?? Hope this makes sense!
I am trying to figure out if you're better off just posting it as a new auction thru Auctiva vs. a "relist"?
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Auctiva has no fees for listings. Auctiva is able to reduce the ebay listing fee by sending your listing at the time you specify. This saves you .10 cents per listing versus scheduling it through ebay. Auctiva can save you more money by storing your pictures and also inserting them into your listing.

So the fee is always the same if your listing or relisting.

However if you sell the relisted item on the second attempt ebay will credit you the first relisting fee. No credit past the first relisting of your item.

I would like to know if Auctiva can relist an item on a schedule. I think Auctiva can relist an item but not at a scheduled time.
Relisting involves taking an item out of your ebay unsold items list and sending it to auction again. There are no listings sent between ebay and Auctiva on a relist. The auction already exists on ebay unsold items list.

I would have to think that a relisted item from your unsold item list is counted as a relist no matter what.
Hi all,

To relist items that didn't sell through Auctiva, locate the listing in your Saved or Closed listings folder. If they're in your Closed Listings folder, check the boxes next to them and click "Import"...that will send them to your Saved Listings folder. From your Saved Listings folder, just click the boxes next to the appropriate listings and click post or schedule. Bear in mind that relists done through Auctiva aren't eligible for the listing fee reimbursement.

To remain eligible for the listing fee reimbursement from eBay, you must relist your items directly through eBay.

We will be adding the ability to relist through Auctiva, and still remain eligible for eBay’s listing fee credit, for our phase II release later this year.


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