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hello all,

i'm in the process of deleting a bunch of photos from my picture manager to "refresh" my current listings with better pix's. most of the pix's i'm deleting ARE LIVE on ebay now....

Q: will DELETING the photo's in my picture manager affect CURRENT, LIVE auctions that are utilizing those photo's until i can refresh my listings in auctiva with the new ones and just swap out the new html from auctiva with the old, current, live html??


PS: it's good to be "back" on auctiva...i left for a while during the horrendous drama month's during the holidays of fall '06 when there was all that horrible connectivity and "down time", but am pleased that all seems to be "fixed", *knock on wood*, or at least working a whole lot BETTER, YAY!
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Hi Kathleen,

Welcome "back" to Auctiva!

Yes, I believe that deleting images from your Picture Manager account, that are currently being used in active listings, will cause the images not to be displayed in the active listings any longer. However, I'm certainly not an authority on eBay's Picture Manager service, so it may be a good idea to run this question by eBay's customer support department as well....just to be sure Smile


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