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I'm considering moving the stock at my own shop/domain over to eCrater. The reason is because adding stock to eCrater is easier and more efficient. It doesn't have all of the bells & whistles (yet) that my current shop does (I'm using CubeCart) but since that shop isn't actually a main source of income I might be willing to make the trade-off.

So, that said I wonder if anyone could help me figure out how to go about forwarding my domain to the eCrater shop?

Is that what it's called -- domain forwarding? And I assume I do it through my host?

What I'm specifically wondering, though, is can I forward only a subdomain and not the domain proper? For example, if my site is and my shop is at, can I forward 'shop' visitors to eCrater but not visitors to the front page of my site?

Thanks in advance!
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Alright Rick,

Sign into the site where your domain is hosted (the url that you own) and look for a menu that walks you through several options. I'm not sure if your domain hosts will do this for you, but mine will (I just didn't utilize them) they'll do the URL forwarding for you if you ask via contact.

Some sites like GoDaddy have a menu of items you can do with your URL. Search/Find forward my URL and it's just fill in the website address of the site you want your domain to forward to and voila you're done.

You might be asked these which of the two below is your choice...I wanted you to be aware of the definitions just in case.

Standard Redirection sends your domain visitors to any website you specify. The true address of the destination website - not your domain name -will display in the viewer's browser.

Stealth Redirection sends your domain visitors to any website you specify, just like Standard Redirection, with one difference: your domain continues to display in your visitor's browser when they reach the website and while visiting any page in that website.

With Stealth Redirection you gain the added bonus of the Use of Title, Keyword and Description Meta Tags. VERY IMPORTANT for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

You still have my email, if you need me find me. I'll need your host for your domain name to see they're FAQ's on domain forwarding.

Good Luck,
Thanks, Donna! Especially for the definitions of the two types of redirection. Couple of questions...

If I went with the stealth option would it be possible for customers to bookmark product pages even if they can't see the true URL?

Also, can I redirect only a subdomain and not the main domain itself?

Okay, I'm off to GoDaddy to read up on it. Sometimes that stuff makes my head spin a little so I wanted to get some person-to-person feedback first!
If I went with the stealth option would it be possible for customers to bookmark product pages even if they can't see the true URL?

Nope, it won't bookmark the product page. I tried it with mine awhile back.

I'm actually doing the opposite and moving towards my own site. i'm in the process of learning zencart and getting it set up. How do you like cubecart?

Right now I still have it going to eCrater while I work on the "store" end of it but I recently made this page:

Alot of the styles I have on eCrater have recently been discontinued so now I'm struggling with do I get the new line listed on eCrater or get the website done first Confused

This weekend I had 2 sales of discontinued items and had to refund the money. Decisions, decisions . . .

oppsie, I kinda went OT there - sorry Roll Eyes
I like CubeCart. It was pretty easy to set up (much easier for me than osCommerce or PHP-Nuke). Adding the mods I wanted was when the phrase PITA came up a lot but that's because it required going into the code a lot and that puts me out of my element.

BUT. I'm using the old version. As I was finalizing my site they released a new version which looks really nice and I think it comes with a lot more bells and whistles (which means fewer mods to install).

Anyway, once I got it set up, though, it's been great. It hasn't broken, haven't had any big problems. Oh, and the support forums there were amazing. I never would've gotten through some of those mods if not for the help I got there.
How's it going Rick? I haven't seen an email from you, so I "assumed" the forwarding of the url had gone smooth.

Have you tried Zen cart? Ironchick whose on this board with us just installed it and she said it went smooth, too!

I do have to concur, the boards at Cube cart are full of help!

PHP-NUKE? <crossing eyes> Now you've done it, I'm "cornfused!"


Take care, Donna

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