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I use QB2005. If I was only doing ebay, dunno if i'd bother using it. It can result in alot of extra work. (putting items into inventory, etc. You can do non-inventory sales, just depends on what data you want to track and how you want to track it)

What I like about it is that can create professional looking receipts and can email the receipts to customers (when item is shipping out, i email the receipt to them with a 'your item has shipped' note)

And, of course, it's very handy for generating reports of income and expenses. But, like i said, it results in lots of extra work. So, it really just depends on what you want and need.

BTW, there's other versions of QBs that is cheaper than the retail version. Think Academic version Smile Academic version is about 50% off.

Of course, you have to qualify for academic, which how strict they are will vary from vendor to vendor. BTW, I've even seen academic versions of software at sams club.

Also, there's tons of fake copies of QB on ebay.
most of our (family's) companies are set up as DBAs. There's one LLC (for business that sells food product). Every area varies as to what to file for DBA's. Where I'm at, there's virtually no paperwork, just have to file with State Tax Commission to get Resale Tax Permit and tell the bank that you want to open a checking account as a DBA (not required, but handy for business expenses and income, esp. when it comes tax time and dealing with the IRS). If lived 3 miles down the road, would have to be registered with city.

As you've probably figured out, there's various advantages to each type of business, just depending on your needs.
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BTW, for basic accounting, many just use Excel, and many use Shooting Star to track sales info. So, that's two options you might want to consider. There's also some basic accounting software out there that is really cheap (under $30) and will let you track income and expenses (but wont necessarily deal with things like inventory and sales receipts)

Also, if you dont have basic accounting experience, would recommend doing some light reading (i use the term loosely *heh*) on basic accounting, debits and credits, and other basic accounting terms. That way will understand the instructions in software more easily. Even QB, without having taken basic accounting class in college, would have been a nightmare for me to set up. (plus, having a mother who's a CPA and has always taken care of paperwork for various family businesses helped Smile )

Dont have Excel? dont fret. use link in my sig area to download OpenOffice. Smile

hopefully BTPS will come along and put in her 2 cents, she has an accounting background and has a few different businesses online (not sure if all under one parent company or how she hass it set up). But she's juggling a ton of data and is pretty efficient at it.
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Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
If I might intevene for uno momento...

Stacy..listen carefully to everything Steve says...he's a wealth of info and you can trust every bit of info he's passing along.

Back to your regular scheduled program.
aw, shucks, donna. you're overly kind.

sometimes *I* dont even listen to my ramblings and youre telling her to pay attention to 'em? lol! Wink

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