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Hello Suzie73 -

the templates in Auctiva can be added to listings you create using our service and the most typical and simple method for using them would involve having your account on a paid plan so you could post to eBay with the templates on the listings you create.

It is possible to create listings in Auctiva and assign the template to the listing without posting it from Auctiva, but this would require you to copy the HTML of the listing and then paste it in on eBay accordingly to make use of the template. If you were to do so in this way and run into difficulty, it is unlikely we could troubleshoot any potential issue as the listing would not then be posted through Auctiva.

Please also note that in the near future we will be releasing all new templates that are both mobile friendly and free of active content.

- Craig
Hello Suzie73 -

If your Auctiva account is on the Free tools plan, that plan does not include the ability to post to eBay from Auctiva.

However, if you wish to make use of one of the new templates, you will need to create the listing (the description portion and add a template) within Auctiva in the Saved Listings and apply the template to it. You can then use the steps below to get the HTML for that listing and when you go to eBay you can use the HTML when creating your listing and the selected template will be included.

Once you have made the listing and saved it:
- Click the Get HTML button to the right of the item on your Saved Listings page with the icon: </>
- use the Select All button and then copy the HTML in the popup window that shows
- Open a new listing on eBay
- Scroll down to the "Description" section and then make sure that it is on the HTML tab.
- Delete the existing description HTML, paste the copied HTML in its place, preview your changes and continue and confirm your changes.

- Craig
Hi Craig

Thanks for the reply... It doesn't let me save the template as it says my package doesn't include that... but It is good to know that I can just copy the html template code from auctiva onto my ebay...

I wouldn't want to list from the template on auctiva to ebay so that wouldn't be a problem as I would just copy the html code... I just wanted to make sure it is okay to use the templates from auctiva

Best Regards
Hello again,

As long as you have an active account, there isn't an issue with using the templates, however, please keep in mind that if you do post directly on eBay with the templates in this way and run into difficulty, it is unlikely that we would be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise as we would not have the related posting information for the listings.

Please keep in mind that we do have a plan that includes the ability to post to eBay for as little as $3.95 per month where your listings can include any of our available templates.

- Craig

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